NFL Week 17: Play big or go home!

So here we are at the last weekend of the regular season and the start of a new year. The die hasn’t been cast quite yet for the playoffs and a few things that have popped into my sleep-deprived brain are the following:

  • Resting healthy players doesn’t bode well.  Football is all about momentum and resting players, no matter how logically sound, seems to always wind up adding rust to hot players. Green Bay should take note of how the Colts have paid for that strategy multiple times.
  • There is no dominate defense this year.  NFL Sunday had a great piece by Football Jedi Master Bill Parcells on the inconsistency of subjective calls this year such as defensive player calls. I have to think this is feeding the fact that no defense this year has been dominate. Every team has been beaten big (and oftentimes late) by a team. All the 21+ point 4th quarter comebacks accentuates that. It makes the traditional playoff wisdom fly out the window.
  • Veterans have something to prove. With all the Cam Newton, Tim Tebow, and even Andrew Luck (college player QB chat in NFL? WHAT?!), the top echelon quarterbacks in the NFL picked up their game and records are falling. Again, you can’t count out the impact of rule changes but the only rule change that had Tom Brady running into the end zone from short yardage and spike the ball is the rule that he was a precision passing QB. Even Brady, formerly unflappable in style, seemed to be sick of all the Tebow talk. And spiked a ball into the end zone as if to say “Here endth the lesson, son!”

Ok, on to the picks…

The Picks

Falcons over Bucs

Giants over Cowboys

Saints over Panthers

49ers over Rams

Jags over Colts

Texans over Titans

Lions over Packers

Eagles over Redskins

Patriots over Bills

Vikings over Bears

Dolphins over Jets

Bengals over Ravens

Browns over Steelers

Chiefs over Broncos

Cardinals over Seahawks

Chargers over Raiders

Fantasy Island

The results are in. And are very unimpressive. But I had a great time doing it and learned a lot.

One Final Note

I’d like to just take a moment to again thank Marty Schottenheimer for his service to an under-appreciating Chargers organization. Now I think it is absolutely clear: You don’t fire a 14 –2 coach. Ever.

I ❤ Martyball!

NFL Week 17: Finale

And here it is, last week of the regular season.  The AFC side of the bracket is still a statistical mess of tiebreakers and “in charge of their own destinyIF…”  teams. The NFC, well, this conference just isn’t big enough for Favre and everyone else.  The playoff picture is far from decided but here’s hoping that by the end of the day, we have some great playoff games on tap for January.  And that my new Charger gear arrives before their first game January 15th weekend.

Pick ‘Em, Bento!

  • Buffalo over the “We’re not interested in history” Colts
  • New England over Houston
  • Minnesota over Giants – If the Giants were a smidge better…
  • San Fran over STL
  • Atlanta over Tampa
  • Big Ben, I mean, Pittsburgh over Miami – barely, maybe a draw?
  • Detroit Rock City over Chicago – In a word, Cutler.
  • New Orleans over Carolina – Brees and Payton need to buckle down that team for lift-off.  Like, NOW!
  • Cleveland over Jacksonville – Meh, why not?!  As Sterling says, players are well motivated to keep their jobs.
  • Philly over Dallas – I hate hate hate picking this match up.  Especially on Thanksgiving.  But the intangibles nod goes to Philly, who sometimes comes out to play.
  • Tennesee over Seattle – Draft picks, local homies….draft picks!
  • San Diego Super Chargers! – Guaranteed that Norv will sit his starters in this one.  However, the Redskins are not 1) Playoff contenders, 2) In our conference and 3) Billy Volek can play.  The Chargers have one of the deepest teams in the NFL.  Sit ’em, start ’em, they’re playoff ready.
  • Green Bay over Arizona – The flight seems to be failing in Phoenix.  I’m always pulling for Warner, though.  However, back of mind, Rodgers is due some revenge.
  • KC over Denver – Purely biased pick.  Sit down, Francis.  You’re staying home this year.
  • Baltimore over Raiders

Sunday Nite Wow:  Grab your seatbelt!  This one could be a bumpy ride.  In the other dark recesses of my football mind, I think it would be too too appropos for the Colts to have to eat their own mess by letting a team into the playoffs, especially one they could turn around and play again.  But with all Cincy’s been through this year, i’d like them to make a great show of it.  However, Pats win, and you’ll see starters sit in this one.  Sad deal that.

Interesting Note:  So I recently found Sterling Sharpe’s show on NFL Network and although I had to put up with Theisman running his mouth, I was intrigued by several things Sterling had to say.  The one that stuck out the most was that if the Chargers win today, beating the Redskins, they would have won the NFC East, beating all the teams in that division.  Haha, that, my friends, is fun fun football facts.

here ya go:  Chargers CHARGE!

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