NFL Week 14 Picks: Is your name Pe(a)yton?

The most popular baby name next year might be Peyton…or Payton.  Too interesting and strange that the coach and the quarterback with the close name affiliation would be sitting pretty and discussing options around being undefeated.  Whateves!  On today’s plate, a ton of delish pigskin offerings making me want to say…Let is Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow…as long as the DirecTV satellite doesn’t get blocked!

Here are the picks:

  • Saints over Atlanta:  Atlanta is all beat up…and, as always, Who DAT?!
  • Seattle over Houston:  Meh.
  • Indy over Denver: yet another stilted pick….oh wait, doesn’t some guy name Peyton play today??
  • Patriots over Carolina: Now that the major problem of the Patriots has been neutralized (Bad Boy!), I think Belichick will sacrifice yet another small farm animal to get his team winning.  Question mark this week:  Can new papa Brady play hurt in December?  Hmmm…..
  • Buffalo over KC
  • Detroit Rock City over Baltimore:  Cue the Chris Berman sound effect, I’m liking some stuff I’m seeing in Michigan.
  • Cincy over Minnesota:  I’m a believer in guys that change their names to Spanish numeros (but forget and put the space in too).
  • Miami over Jacksonville: Dad, try to rest easy on this game.  I promise, one of your teams will win.
  • Jets over Tampa
  • Green Bay over Chicago
  • Oakland over Washington: Oh the difference a player makes (and distance from a scandal)!
  • Titans over Rams: The question here isn’t who’s going to win, but who’s gonna buy the Rams?
  • Philly over Giants

Monday Nite:  Arizona over San Fran, 21 – 7.

Now time for finishing up wrapping presents, enjoying pancakes, and pigskin…it’s GAME DAY!

NFL Week 14 Picks: Thursday Night Not-So-Special

So the NFL is back in action….ok, that’s bending things a bit.  It’s Pittsburgh versus Cleveland.  Cleveland, after being throroughly trounced early in the game last week against the Super Chargers, showed some life in the last vestiges of the game.  I don’t foresee that this time.

Pittsburgh needs to convince everyone they deserve a seat at the Playoffs table. 

Pittsburgh 34 – 7 over Cleveland.

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