NFL Week 13: There’s no time like the present.

Dear Spanos family,

Just get it over with and fire Turner and Smith. Let the rest of us and most importantly, your players, move on with their lives. In a season when the Chargers were televised in my location more times than they have won this year, it’s been an exercise in slow, painful torture watching the team crumble like grandma’s apple pie topping.

Not only has Smith shown himself unable to hold on to the talent he finds, turning the Chargers into a development team for the rest of the league, but Turner’s play calling in recent games has gotten so conservative as to be stupid. You’d think he was worried about his job. Yes, it’s obvious he is.

So dump both of these guys posthaste so the pressure is off and a new coach can get in the door, start assessing, and start changing players attitudes before we lose any more of that talent. This is my sad Chargers fan wish for the holidays.

This letter is being sent to Santa next. A new coach in powder blues is high on my Xmas list, right under World Peace.

Disgruntled Charger Girl

s-NICK-NOVAK-PEEING-large300I was shocked to see that someone doesn’t blame Norv Turner for the slow steady decline of this team since 14-2. In the spirit of fairness, and hey, to have a hearty laugh, read this dissenting opinion from a Turner apologist. This guy barely discussing the history of the team as a problem.



The Picks

Seahawks over Eagles WIN

Ravens over Browns

Steelers over Bengals

Bucs over Panthers

Bears over Chiefs

Jets over Redskins

Texans over Falcons

Raiders over Dolphins

Saints over Lions

Bills over Titans

Broncos over Vikings

49ers over Rams

Cowboys over Cardinals

Packers over Giants

Patriots over Colts

Monday Nite

Chargers over Jags (But on the other hand, this game should be a dead giveaway except for Turner-Smith).

Fantasy Island

Can I say that Thursday Night games really screw with Fantasy picks in a way I didn’t expect. You have a high caliber player who’s coming off injury but you often won’t know until Sunday morning if he’ll play. Thursday night games, even if you don’t have a single player, kills your ability to make those adjustments.

Learned a lot this season. Suffering a lot from my Chargers. But there’s always a chance.

NFL Week 13: All Hands on Deck

It’s Week 13 and no team has a bye this week.  And with all the controversy over injuries and the new concussion rules, there’s definitely an air of determination and desperation out there.  That’s even before we look at the developing playoff picture.  Here’s the picks for this week:

  • Chicago over St. Louis
  • Cincinnati over Detroit
  • Tampa Bay over Carolina
  • Oakland over Pittsburgh – Yeah, I might not have all brain cells on deck for this pick but neither did Heinz Ward questioning the toughness of Big Ben.
  • New Orleans over Washington – Who DAT?!
  • Miami over New England – Just ’cause.
  • Atlanta over Philly – The Vick experiment, being what it is for second chances, has brought nothing to the talent/depth on the team.  I think the entire Atlanta organization has a lot to still forgive and it won’t be today.
  • Indy over Tennessee – Still don’t think the Colts will go undefeated…but not feeling it today.  Especially after that dumb Martina McBride song.  Please. 
  • KC over Denver – Um, kinda obvious stilted pick.
  • Jacksonville over Houston – Maybe the Gators loss might motivate.
  • San Diego
  • Dallas over Giants – Great story on Countdown this AM about DeMarcus Ware and his family.  Kleenex, please!  I’ll share them with Eli.
  • San Fran over Seattle – see below about distractions.
  • Arizona over Minnesota – Yeah, crazy.  Bite me!

Monday Nite:  Ravens over Green Bay, 21 – 10.  Ravens continue to put the pieces back together.  Green Bay has numbers but fewer W’s than the numbers should say.  Scratching my head at that.

Now about distractions:   This Thursday, the Seahawks GM Tim Ruskell resigned and Holmgren has been talking talking talking.  But here are the facts: 

  • Holmgren was GM at one point, a position he demanded in his move from Green Bay to Seattle.  He failed.  Miserably. 
  • Holmgren handpicked Mora and then continued to coach as a lame duck.  Um, how Favre of you, Mike.
  • There are 5 weeks left in the season and while the Seahawks don’t have a prayer to make the playoffs, there are still games to play, decisions to be made.

All this lends me to hand out my Bad Move award to the Seahawks organization.  You don’t make moves like this in the season.  You salvage what you can out of the season by assessing your players and your coaches, addressing your greatest areas of need for off-season moves.  Again, off-season moves.  I see no sense in doing this besides creating a wide open, well-lit runway that Holmgren can see before other failing teams can go big with offers. 

My take:  Holmgren should’ve let the door hit him on the way out and some one should have locked up.  He left the team in a mess, had the worst coach transition ever.  Just keep on talking, Mike.  Some of us don’t want you back.  (As a coach, I must add because I have the utmost respect for the Holmgrens as part of the community.)

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