NFL Week 16: East Bound and Down

So these Thursday night games are killing me and I hear the NFL is planning for more. Maybe it’s a concerted effort to kill the Fantasy League practices…or maybe it’s just the quest for more money. Knowing the NFL, it’s a little of both.

Still, I can tell you in all honesty I would NOT have picked the Colts to beat the Texans so mark that ‘L’ for me.

And as I’m about two shakes from heading East Bound and Down, I’m going to make this post ever so brief….

The Picks

Thursday Night

Texans over Colts – Loss!


Ravens over Browns

Panthers over Bucs

Pats over Dolphins

Chiefs over Raiders

Titans over Jags

Cardinals over Bengals

Giants over Jets

Steelers over Rams

Bills over Broncos

Redskins over Vikings

Chargers over Lions

Cowboys over Eagles

Seahawks over 49ers

Sunday Night

Packers over Bears

Monday Night

Saints over Falcons

Fantasy Island

So in my inaugural fantasy season, I managed to scratch out a bid for the fifth place consolation game. Not that impressive but not that horrible considering the bulk of my team relied on Rivers-Gates and they, frankly, haven’t had a great year either. Lessons learned and Thursday night match-ups notwithstanding, it’s been a fun experience and I look forward to the playoff challenges.

Happy Holidays, Everyone in Cyberland! Keep on truckin’!

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