NFL Week 12: Cyber Monday

So much for picking the underdogs for Thanksgiving! Ah, well, at least the games were interesting, even if the only interest in the Detroit v Packers game was how late into the game Ndamukong Suh would be ejected from the game.

Having said that, none of Sunday’s games look nearly as intriguing except for, perhaps, the Broncos v Chargers game. I’ve written enough this year about both teams but with the AFC West title up for grabs even with the AFC West looking anemic compared to the rest of the league, it’s still a key game.

The Picks Pt 2

Bengals over Browns

Texans over Jags

Cardinals over Rams

Bills over Jets

Bus over Titans

Panthers over Colts

Falcons over Vikings

Raiders over Bears

Seahawks over Redskins

Chargers over Broncos

Patriots over Eagles

Steelers over Chiefs

Monday Nite

Now Monday Nite’s game should be interesting. Lots of talk about how wonderful a coach Tom Coughlin is. You know, Sean Payton ain’t too bad either

Saints over Giants, at home, 34 – 28

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