NFL Week 11: Back to the Future!

Wow, looking over the list of back-up quarterbacks taking the field today feels like we’ve hopped the DeLorean and hit 88 mph. (If you don’t know what a DeLorean is…sigh….click here.) Matt Lineart for the Texans, Vince Young for the Eagles…sheesh, the prognosticators are even taking former backup quarterbacks and comparing them the the venerable Elway (ESPN, STOP it!)


Speaking of going backwards, what was up with the Ravens last week? Getting beaten…by the Sea-Chickens!? It’s not much help today that Ray Lewis is out. The Jets? Are you serious? Rex Ryan is defending his QB…who’s defending Ryan?

One thing that remains the same and gives us a very real view of the future…Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. They are pulling last year’s championship and making a very strong statement that history will be repeating itself.

The Picks

Last week…fess up time….AWFUL. I mean it. 4 and pathetic. This week has already gotten started on the wrong wildcat foot. But that’s why they play the games.

Jets over Broncos LOSS

Ravens over Bengals

Cowboys over Redskins

Bills over Dolphins

Falcons over Titans

Raiders over Vikings

Browns over Jags

Lions over Panthers

Packers over Bucs

Rams over Seahawks

49ers over Cardinals

Chargers over Bears

Giants over Eagles

Monday Nite

Patriots over Chiefs

Fantasy Island

I’m marooned this week on Fantasy Island. I forgot there was a Thursday game and even so, I have so many injuries on my roster, that barring a trading frenzy, there is no hope for this week. It’s a wash. Sproles has a Bye, Maclin out, Green likely out. Yup, put a big ole fork in it, it’s done.

Next up, Thanksgiving blitz! Turkey Day, Mashers, Family home with the new TV. Saaaaa-WEET!!

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