NFL Week 10: Wakey Wakey, Pt 2

Did you remember to set your alarm? You ready to show up? If so, somebody wake up Hicks. It’s time to play! And while you’re at it, wake up Grossman and whomever is the backup for DeShawn Jackson.

Lots of interesting games today to make up for the not-very-interesting implosion in San Diego. Will Tebow continue to confound the pundits? Will the 49ers live up to their coach’s moxie? Will Belichick and Brady shake off the embarrassment and get it going? Are the Lions and the Bills healthy enough to stay for real? And who’s ready to step up for those wild card slots?

Last week was a rough one for my picks, down from the previous weeks 11- 2 to a mediocre 6 – 8.

On to the picks!

The Picks

Chargers over Raiders (Loss)

Falcons over Saints

Jags over Colts

Chiefs over Broncos

Steelers over Bengals

Panthers over Titans

Buccaneers over Texans

Dolphins over Redskins

Browns over Rams

Bills over Cowboys

Eagles over Cardinals

Ravens over Sea-Chickens

49ers over Giants

Pats over Jets

Monday Nite

Packers over Vikings, 34 –10

Fantasy Island

So despite the loss in SD, I picked up decent points on Thurs night from Rivers-Gates. What has become increasingly clear, even to the writers of the USA Network show Psych, is that Darren Sproles is a master class player and my belief in him is warranted. Oh yeah! I’m looking for another master class day from the lil guy.

Don’t need a psychic for that!

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