NFL Week 9: High Definition

So this week I’m celebrating a whole new TV setup featuring high definition broadcast of the NFL. It won’t take the sting of The Snap away, but will add the Oooh and Ahhhh of crisp, clear, pretty visuals so good, the NFL should be calling me to do the booth review.

Who else is looking HD at this point in the season? The Packers. Week in and week out, they are doing exactly what they need to do to win games with not much talk and not much fuss. And yes, I am afraid for my Chargers, coming off a truly scary MNF, and looking so much opposite to composed and professional.


In looking at the rest of the league, there are a few teams aspiring to play high definition ball. Steelers, Giants, Ravens, Lions, Bills….all making a claim on HDTV ready. Then there are the teams just struggling with RCA. Dolphins, Rams, Colts, Broncos, Cardinals….wait, maybe there’s more of that then not.

As we drive into November, early injuries are starting to heal up and teams forced to make big re-adjustments are settling into those adjustments. The Chiefs could lead a clinic on that. But of those new game plans, which team can keep their personnel healthy and focused, they will get the vaunted homefield advantage which, this year, is looking key to success in the playoffs.

The Picks

Last week was a painful 11-2, one of those losses being the MNF debacle. No way I’m picking against my Chargers but the Clay Matthews commercial has me wishing Philip Rivers ate his Wheaties this AM.

Bills over Jets

Saints over Bucs

GoatFalcons over Colts

Seahawks over Cowboys, UPSET!

Dolphins over Chiefs, The Big Letdown

49ers over Redskins

Texans over Browns

Raiders over Broncos

Bengals over Titans

Rams over Cardinals

Patriots over Giants

Fingers crossedChargers over Packers, Yeah, Wishful Thinking!

StarSteelers over Ravens

Monday Nite

Eagles over Bears, 27 – 10

Fantasy Island

Two weeks with BYE players and crap performances and I matched up against teams tended about as well as the Colts. I’m not complaining but not celebrating since the cornerstone of my fantasy team is the Rivers-Gates combo.

This week, Jahvid Best has a Bye and so I’m forced to play John Kuhn from the Pack. Talk about borrowing from Paul to pay Peter. Feeling very vulnerable in my number 4 position. But we’ll just see what my receiving core of Green, Sproles, and Maclin can deliver.

Happy Veteran’s Day, everyone! God Bless America and the NFL!


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