NFL Week 8: Spooky!

cannibal pumpkin

If you wanted to make a cannibal jack o-lantern in time for Halloween Monday night, you still have time. But if you’ve been listening to team covering, you can already see teams eating themselves in lots of different ways. Players questioning coaches, media questioning players, and fans questioning everyone. It must been it’s October and what a wild ride it’s been already.

Let’s sum up: Tebow made the amazing comeback that all Broncos fans had been hoping for. The Saints proved that they can make a bad team look a whole lot worse. And the Chargers proved that they are truly getting so desperate, they’ll risk a player’s health.

This week, it’s time for the contenders to start asserting their ranking in the hierarchy. Romo versus Vick, Brady versus Roethlisberger, Rivers versus Cassell. Um, ok, we know it’s not all about the quarterbacks, at least in the way we think. Is Flacco costing the Ravens wins? Is Romo worth the risk? What the heck is wrong with Philip Rivers anyway? And will Stafford really play?

Me? I’m wondering just how bad the New England Defense still is despite retooling by arguable the best strategist currently in the game. I’m wondering whether the Jags area  sleeping giant or just hit a lucky note. I’m wondering if an injured Romo will be able to keep mistake free over a wily Vick.

And most importantly, I’m wondering if Norv Turner has lost his mind. After hearing the news about Dielman’s seizure on the plane ride home, coupled with the jabs with Rex Ryan and the whispers about a Rivers injury, Turner is starting to look like a desperate coach. I always thought of him as soft on the players so never worried whether the environment there would push players too far to play hurt. Given, players will do whatever they can to stay out on the field but the coaching staff has to manage their investment in the entire NFL season.

We hear about Dielman because he’s a marque player. What else is going on down there? I have to be honest: Playing the KC Chiefs in Kansas City on Monday Night Football, televised nationwide for everyone to see, on Halloween, with all these mounting injuries?? Dude, that has me terrified.

But the new 46’’ 3D LED TV will ensure I see every play in detail. Oh boy! But just like every single game a Charger fan goes through, I’ll be there. Bring it on!

The PicksRed-Football-Uniform-Dog_BEE4D389

GoatTitans over Colts

Texans over Jags

Ravens over Cardinals

Giants over Dolphins

High fiveVikings over Panthers

Saints over Rams

Bills over Redskins

Lions over Broncos

49ers over Browns

Bengals over Seahawks

Steelers over Patriots

Eagles over Cowboys

Monday Nite

Fingers crossedStarChargers over Chiefs

Fantasy Island

So I got quite a bump up last week by winning my heads-up. Now, that sounds much better than it was. My opponent apparently isn’t actively managing his team with 4 guys on BYE weeks. Ah, the shame! But I’ll take the win and move on, as if the Chargers just played the Colts.

I’m in trouble this week big time, playing a player with tons of talent. My defense is on a BYE week as well as my kicker. And both of my running backs are out. I’ll live and die by Rivers and Gates this week.

One thing that will be enjoyable to watch? Sproles lightening it up this week, as every week. Love the little guy! Go Sproles!!

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