NFL Week 7: Be careful what you wish for


For all those Bronco fans that think today will be the second coming and that Tim Tebow will deliver them from the evil of the pit of the AFC West, I certainly hope you get what you are praying for.

Problem is the quarterback position isn’t the end of the Broncos woes. I’ve been hearing those extol the virtues of the Tebow, that he’s a “winner.” But this isn’t baseball, kids, and if you want to be a winner in the NFL, you have to start and finish the game on top.

Maybe Tebow will feel somewhat comfortable back in Florida for his lead off. Maybe it’ll help having some potential Gators fans circling around. But then again, you ARE playing the Dolphins.  Whatever happens today, I’m sure even if he has a mediocre game, most outlets will drain this news item until its sucked dry.

I’m still shaking my head at Goodell’s miss by NOT fining Schwartz and Harbaugh for their kerfuffle on the field after the game. If you can fine a linesman for taking his mic off, you’d better fine the top dogs of the team for unsportsmanlike conduct. But perhaps, he’s got something else in mind.

Speaking of coaches misbehaving, would someone tell both Rex Ryan and Norv Turner that neither one of their butts have a ring? Meanwhile, Marty Schottenheimer shakes is head and wonders what a coach has to do to keep his job. Apparently, blow a lot of hot air.

The Picks

Last week was a return to form with a great 10 – 3 showing. This week, I’m not near as confident as a lot of the fringe teams are at it against each other.

Texans over Titans

Browns over Seahawks

Lions over Falcons

GoatDolphins over Broncos

Chargers over Jets

Fingers crossedBucs over Bears

Panthers over Redskins

StarRaiders over Chiefs

Steelers over Cardinals

Packers over Vikings

Cowboys over Rams

Saints over Colts

Monday Nite

Ravens over Jags, 27 –7

Fantasy Island

The Bye was almost the Bye Bye week for me. I had a decent showing considering. But like a lot of head to head match-ups I’ve seen this year, I wind up hitting a player who’s team goes off during our match-up.

So I’m circling the drain and hoping that Philip and Antonio can both play and also keep me from being buried. With Jahvid Best out and no really good option left, it’s going to have to be Rivers and Gates best week to save my pigskin.

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