NFL Week 5: Commitment to the Game


You can know a lot about football without knowing how pro football organizations work. It isn’t that difficult to understand that the NFL makes money. A lot of it.  And for a lot of owners, that is their role job in this money making enterprise; provide the money, hire people to manage the game.

Al Davis never hired someone else to manage the game for him. He was always involved, always visible, sometimes in head shaking ways. But one could never doubt his love of the game, his passion for the game, his commitment to the game and commitment to his team.

His fashion glasses, his expensive track suit, his presence on the sidelines all became indelible marks on the collective psyche that no one will ever replace.

As a Charger fan, Al Davis meant a whole host of other things to me as does his organization. But we learn the most from our closest adversaries and when they are at their best, their scariest, their most challenging, then they push us to excel. And excellence was a passion that Al Davis had for his entire life. We will all miss that. Rest in peace, Al. We already miss you.

The Picks

I had an amazing week last week: 15 –1. It’s a record and while I took a great amount of time reveling in it, everyone knows that they play the game because it’s unpredictable and you just never know. And I don’t bet games so ultimately, this is all about fun. And my fantasy league is definitely a lesson in humility right now.

Thumbs downSaints over Panthers

Fingers crossedBills over Eagles

Thumbs downBengals over Jags

Thumbs downGiants over Seahawks

Pointing upTitans over Steelers

Broken heartTexans over Raiders

High fiveColts over Chiefs

Thumbs downCardinals over Vikings

Thumbs downBuccaneers over 49ers

Fingers crossedChargers over Broncos

High fivePats over Jets

High fiveFalcons over Packers

Monday Night

High fiveLions over Bears 17 – 14

Fantasy Island

So I have a much better appreciation for injuries in the NFL now considering that I’ve had to do a few rejiggers of my team based on injuries. The big one hurting me? Antonio Gates. Whether Antonio can heal up and come up big later in the season, I’m waiting to see. And it’s a risk having players that are so symbiotic like Gates and Rivers on one team.

But I’ve been making good points overall, just getting routed in my head to head matches. But it’s a long season. Today, I chose to play Maclin over Green at wide receiver. I picked up Casey from the Texans to fill in for Gates at TE. Projections are I’m going to get routed. However, the week I beat the league in points, I was projected to lose by 20.

It’s why they play the game, baby! 

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