NFL Week 4: Who DAT? Sproles all dat!

Sometimes the way to really measure a player’s impact to a team is to look at that team’s performance after their gone. Sproles is all DAT!The Chargers 3rd down and kickoff return performance have been rather anemic despite the better-than-average September start. And frankly, Rivers is looking a little unnerved back there.

Could it be that he is missing his little helper? Darren Sproles is, to quote my favorite sports film Rudy, “five foot nothing, one hundred and nothing,” but there’s where the quote comes to a screeching halt. Sproles has incredible athletic ability including being able to have his 5’6” frame as one of the most effective pass blockers the Chargers had.

It’s good to see the Saints seeing all dat Sproles can bring to a game. I’m sorry that I didn’t have that faith in week 1 of my fantasy league. But nevermore.

On to the picks!

The Picks

Some really choice contests this week. Check it out!

Pointing upSaints over Jags

Fingers crossedChiefs over Viks

Pointing upBears over Panthers

Thumbs downTitans over Browns

Pointing upTexans over Steelers

Fingers crossed49ers over Eagles

Thumbs downRedskins over Rams

Fingers crossedBills over Bengals – Hoping the huge win last week isn’t a huge letdown for this week’s Bills

High fiveLions over Cowboys – Out of both Dreamers, still thinking the Lions are more real.

Pointing upGiants over Cardinals

Thumbs downFalcons over Seahawks

Thumbs downPackers over Broncos

Thumbs upPatriots over Raiders – While I think this will be close, the Patriots biggest defensive hole is its secondary. And I’m not sure how well the Raiders can pass. Plus, Belichick will have taken the car into the shop for a tune-up after last week.

Pointing upChargers over Dolphins – Might be more exciting to watch a replay of the 1982 classic.

Pointing upRavens over Jets – The Ravens really scare me right now. Really. Flacco is starting to look tight. which has really been their weakness.

Monday Night

Thumbs downBuccaneers over Colts, 14-10

Fantasy Island

Oh how the mighty have fallen fallen fallen. Up one week and decimated by injuries the next. Guess the honeymoon is over for me in Fantasy league. So a little shuffling had to be done.

Rivers is still a starter as are Best RB, Sproles RB, Smith WR, and Green WR. However, Jeff King is stepping in for Gates who likely will have an extended sit-out. Driver is healthy and back in.

Looking for some defensive love this week from Chicago against Cam Newton. Ooh, ugly! Folk could get a lot of play today when Jets take on the Ravens.

Game on!

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