NFL Week 3: Surprise, Surprise!

Run, Ryan, Run!

Well, well, well, if it isn’t Mr. Parity paying a visit to the most profitable sports industry on the planet. Even if the Bills choke like the, well, Buffalo Bills, or the Lions get declawed by the nearly shorn Vikings, jerseys for numbers 14 and 9 are probably selling pretty well about now.

Which just goes to show….Roger Goddell is a genius. No, seriously. You may enjoy the scoreboard antics of college ball. But give me the honest chance of any team winning on any given Sunday any day.

And if the Detroit Lions manage to win a very manageable game against a sun-setting Minnesota team, then wily Matthew Stafford will definitely have something to be smiling about: the rebirth of a franchise.


The Numbers – The Picks

Last week, after missing the starting week, I roared to a great showing of 10 – 6, which I reasonably proud of. Now then, it was a pretty easy week to call. Having said that, there weren’t a lot of brain teasers this week either. And I managed to throw a couple of Hail Mary’s in there too. I love this Parity thang!

– Bills over Pats – Yeah yeah yeah, call me crazy!
– Lions over Vikings
– Eagles over Giants
– Panthers over Jags
– 49ers over Bengals
– Saints over Texans
– Dolphins over Browns
– Broncos over Titans
– Chargers over Chiefs
– Ravens over Rams – I suspect this one won’t be pretty.
– Raiders over Jets – Yeah, you read that right.
– Bears over Packers – I still have faith in that defense.
– Falcons over Bucs
– Cardinals over Seahawks
– Steelers over Colts


Redskins over Cowboys 17 – 14 (assuming Romo won’t play).

Fantasy Island

Last week, I thumped my fellow fantasy leaguers with a whopping 120.52. My secret weapon? Philly’s Jeremy Maclin lit it up with 171 yds and 2 TDs winning the MVP award but barely ahead of Jahvid Best of the Detroit Rock Lions who ran for 57 yds and received for 66 yards with one TD a piece in those categories.

In the category of “Didn’t know what I had” goes Steve Smith who could’ve cemented me as a early season leader…if I’d played him week 1. But no matter, I have learned from that mistake.

I had to pick up an extra tight end as Antonio Gates foot seems to be ailing yet again. But in picking up Jeff King from Arizona, I’m hoping to at least have some decent numbers against the Seahawks secondary. My 2009 resurrection Chargers team has already shown signs of withering but adding Darren Sproles back into the starter’s ranks for the benched Gates will hopefully help. Rivers had a rough week in Boston but still put up impressive numbers making him “The Unbenchable One.”

Nick Folk, replacing Nate Kaeding, showed up in spades and happily filled in nicely. I’m quite enjoying learning about the players and how they fill into teams, even when they don’t win. Kinda a refreshing look beyond the W’s and L’s.

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