NFL Week 2: It is ALIVE!

Hello, Football Fans! Yes, it is already Week 2 in the NFL and apologies for being a bit late on the ball (Ha!) but some of us had to SEE football to believe it was really here. Months of worry translated to months of ignoring the news turned into weeks of la-la-la-la, hands over my ears, I’m not listening to the bad juju.

So yes, I was a bit behind. What did I miss?

  • The Cam Newton hype machine rolling…after 1 game.
  • The Colts and Steelers looking bad bad bad…after 1 game.
  • And Brady making tweetie birds out his new teammate…after 1 Monday Night game.

New to me this year is a fantasy team. Yup, I finally caved in order to learn up about the players and their game inside the game. Strangely, my fantasy team looks a heckuvalot like the 2009 Chargers. So we’ll be adding that into the predictive mix this season.

Onto the picks!

  • Lions over Chiefs – It was a tough call to play Jamal Charles over Darren Sproles after last week and opponents D had everything to do with it. I think the Bears will play inspired Yo Mamma defense in honor of of Brian Urlacher’s momma and while I hear good things about Detroit’s D, I’m thinking Charles will be feisty today.
  • Steelers (over Seahawks) – Frankly it doesn’t matter who Pittsburgh plays today. Seriously. And formerly Pac-10 coached defense at home? Oh boy. Not good.
  • Browns over Colts – Hmmm, not preparing for a Manning-less Colts when they should’ve was a risky move I think they now regret.
  • Ravens over Titans – Maybe a notch down from last week’s beating of the Steelers but can’t see the Titans putting up much fight.
  • Packers over Panthers – Sorry, Cam, meet a really good defense. OUCH! Oh, and a better QB than you.
  • Bills over Raiders
  • Bucs over Vikings
  • Bears over Saints – My heart goes out to Brian Urlacher at this trying time. And to the Saints who will be feeling it today as well.
  • Redskins over Cardinals – A little less drama in DC. A lot more production.
  • Jets over Jags
  • Cowboys over 49ers – I’m tired of talking about Tony Romo. Yeah, it’s only game 2. *Sigh*
  • Chargers over Patriots – Uh, DUH!!
  • Bengals over Broncos
  • Dolphins over Texans – Can Henne look as good this week? Can Dolphins fly? Not sure.
  • Falcons over Eagles – Home Field advantage. I’ll take it.

Monday Night Game

  • Rams 24 Giants 17

Fantasy Land

As I’ve said, my team is busting with Chargers alum. However, I’m keeping Jamal Charles at RB over Sproles because of the Chicago D. So I’ve got Philip Rivers, Antonio Gates, and just replaced injured Nate Kaeding with Nick Folk from the Jets. Who else I’m playing?

  • Running Back – Jahvid Best had a great game last week. Looking for more against the Chiefs.
  • Wide Receivers – Steve Smith, fuled by Cam Newton’s hot week, went OFF! Except he was on my bench. Won’t be making that mistake again. Adding AJ Green and hoping for a bigger game from Jeremy Maclin this week and some high potential here.
  • Chicago Defense – I think Brian Urlacher will make his momma proud.
  • Concerns: Chargers versus Pats? This will either be a shoot out which bodes well for Fantasy Land or the gears will get stuck.
  • Bench: Kyle Orton (QB), Darren Sproles (RB), Daniel Thomas (RB), Donald Driver (WR). Santonio Holmes (WR), Sidney Rice (WR)

Woo-HOO! Week 2!!

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