NFL Week 12: Giving Thanks for…Football!

It’s Thanksgiving one and all and hope everyone is enjoying friends and family and glorious food. Obviously, having the essentials both of life, heart, soul, and mind is all what we hope for during the holiday season, no matter who you are or what your background is. Sharing the holiday joy and spirit of giving to others, family or stranger too, is also what we all should strive for.

Now with all that important stuff out of the way, I have a few extra things to give a shout out for. The list may seem silly even giving the state of the world but you know, there are many many people out there that allow me to enjoy these little things.

I’m thankful for sports but no sport more than football and no incarnation more than the NFL. Yeah, I know it’s a business but it is a successful business, the most successful business because it continues to give its consumers what they want: controlled drama.

QBs and Coaches – This will always be a dynamic duo and none more dramatic than this year. Young and Fisher, Chilly and Favre, Smith and Smith and Singletary. There won’t be many hug-fests between Brady and Belichick but they don’t need the emotion off the field, they create it on the field. You want a coach-QB bro-mance?  If Norv Turner survives this season, he owes some major Valentine’s Day lurve to his field general Philip Rivers. He might as well start the hugs now.

Wide Mouthed Receivers – For a position that gets the ball so little during most games, I wonder why these guys are usually the most outspoken off the field. Owens, Ocho Cinco, Moss, bla bla bla. Some of these guys talk almost as much as Rex Ryan! Then you have the short lipped, short statured Patriots receiving core. They do their talking in yardage and team effort. They should be sharing that this holiday season.

Second Chances – I don’t condone animal fighting in any way, shape, or form. There are practices in certain areas of society that are barbaric (some think football is one of them) and it takes a lot of understanding and work to root them out. But I do believe that people can see the errors of their ways, amend their ways, seek redemption, and strive to be better people. I don’t know whether Michael Vick is such a person but I hope that he is. And as strange as it may seem, he has done more in his fall to bring understanding to a misunderstood breed than any animal rights person ever could. Here’s hoping that he too will get understanding and share becoming a better person with others.

And one more thing I’m thankful for: our transportation folks who, like the procedures they are meant to follow or not, are spending their holidays helping others get to their final destination. Snow plow drivers, sand spreader drivers, transit drivers and operators, TSA employees, and always always highway patrol.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Thu, Nov 25 Stadium  
NE @ DET Ford Field NE
NO @ DAL Cowboys Stadium NO
CIN @ NYJ New Meadowlands Stadium NYJ
Sun, Nov 28 Stadium  
MIN @ WAS FedEx Field WAS
TEN @ HOU Reliant Stadium HOU
JAC @ NYG New Meadowlands Stadium JAC
CAR @ CLE Cleveland Browns Stadium CAR
PIT @ BUF Ralph Wilson Stadium BUF
GB @ ATL Georgia Dome ATL
KC @ SEA Qwest Field SEA
MIA @ OAK Oakland Coliseum MIA
STL @ DEN Invesco Field at Mile High STL
PHI @ CHI Soldier Field PHI
TB @ BAL M&T Bank Stadium TB
SD @ IND Lucas Oil Stadium SD
Mon, Nov 29 Stadium  
SF @ ARI University of Phoenix Stadium ARI
Byes: None    

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