NFL Week 8: Who’s coaching this team anyways?

With all the money floating around in the NFL, it’s interesting to see individuals setting some stretch goals for themselves with regards to their official paid responsibilities. Like AJ Smith who decided that for his stretch goal, he was going to be an ass and keep a Pro-Bowl player sitting at home rather than find him a new home or work out a new deal. Oh, sorry, that’s part of his regular commitment which started by firing a 14-2 coach for not going the distance in the playoffs.

Hey, AJ, getting a twitching finger yet?? Maybe you ought to fire yourself for letting superstar players go. Meanwhile, Norv Turner should take a stretch goal himself…to oversee training and fundamentals teaching. Oh wait. That isn’t his bag either.

Phillip, here’s a stretch goal for you: maybe you should take a page out of Mark Sanchez book and invite the kids over to your high school campus for some fundamentals training. I’m sure you’d give up a fee to make it to the Playoffs at this point.

Speaking of quarterbacks with stretch goals, let’s get to Brett Favre who, besides already going far in achieving his stretch goal in multimedia communications, is working on another stretch goal: coach. As TJ of NFL Countdown asked this morning, is there anyone that thinks anyone can tell Brett Favre not to play? Can, maybe not. Should, absolutely yes. Brad Childress, if you’re not ready to coach the superstar players, how are you ever going to build the rookies INTO superstar players? Stretch goal for you, Childress? Grow a pair.

Add to the list of spurious coach-wannabes: Jerry Jones and Mike Singletary. Unfortunately for San Francisco, they’re paying their wannabe. Sorry, Mike, I think you need a bit more seasoning as supporting cast before you’re ready to be the Big Kahuna.

Jumping off the soapbox, I managed a bit better last week: 8-6. Hoping to build on it however, what scares me the most this Halloween? The unpredictable games. Here’s my stab at it:

Sun, Oct 31 Stadium
DEN @ SF Wembley Stadium DEN
JAC @ DAL Cowboys Stadium JAC
MIA @ CIN Paul Brown Stadium MIA
BUF @ KC Arrowhead Stadium KC
WAS @ DET Ford Field DET
CAR @ STL Edward Jones Dome STL
GB @ NYJ New Meadowlands Stadium JETS
TEN @ SD Qualcomm Stadium SD
MIN @ NE Gillette Stadium NE
TB @ ARI University of Phoenix Stadium TB
SEA @ OAK Oakland Coliseum OAK
PIT @ NO Superdome NO
Mon, Nov 01 Stadium
HOU @ IND Lucas Oil Stadium IND
Byes: Falcons, Ravens, Bears, Browns, Giants, Eagles


Happy Halloween, everyone!! Here’s what I’m afraid of.


3 thoughts on “NFL Week 8: Who’s coaching this team anyways?

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  1. I just wanted to drop in to say that I do read these posts, but I understand absolutely nothing. I feel like I could train myself to be really good at analyzing football just by reading this blog. Go [team of choice]!

    1. Haha! Maybe I should try to put more rules and regulations in there then! That might take the fun out my griping though! :p

      Thanks for reading!

      1. Noo, I enjoy the griping part! I can always edumacate myself via Wiki about the rules. 🙂

        P.S. Thought of you today as I was doing QA in Turkish (!). If you need any business ethics-related vocab during your trip, I’m your woman… 😉

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