Orca watching in San Juan Islands

Big and close, originally uploaded by StacieBenton.

My buddy Jennifer and I ventured up to the San Juans a few weekends ago to enjoy a treat that may be banned in the near future and with good reason. Because of the damage we humans have done, the Southern Resident Community of Orcas have had their numbers decimated and are on the endangered species list.

While whale watching tours like ours help to raise awareness (and some funds, I’m sure, through adoption programs) the damage to their fight to reproduce may soon but these creatures out of the boats reach.

However, Lime Kiln point, where we spotted them playing and enjoyed them for a half hour, has an excellent park on shore to watch. Considering it took us two hours to get here by boat and about the same to get back, the 20 mintue drive on the island to Lime Kiln might be a better option in the future.

But being out on the water with these tremendous creatures is a great thrill and I hope we can find a way to continue to enjoy them while helping them recover their numbers.

To adopt an orca and for more information, visit http://www.whalemuseum.org.

Many thanks to San Juan Excursions for the wonderful hosting and great information!

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