Ginkgo leaves spring

baby Ginkgo leaves, originally uploaded by StacieBenton.

It’s one of my favorite trees (next to the Monkey Puzzle) and I always feel a sense of luck from having it firmly planted in my front yard. In a neighborhood of the standard flowering cherries, crabapple, and Japanese maples, my love for this slow-growing living fossil rests mostly on those extraordinary leaves, green wings that turn golden in the Fall.

A little slower to get going than other trees it is still fun to watch those wings emerge, with its own sense of time. Maybe that’s why it’s held sacred in so many cultures as well as much in stock at so many supplement stores.

I still prefer the leaves close up, in person, to enjoy, especially in a nice spring breeze.


2 thoughts on “Ginkgo leaves spring

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  1. I ❤ Ginkgo! This is my fave Marimekko-fabric for that particular reason. I didn’t know you had a ginkgo in your yard! Our street looks pretty amazing in the Fall with all the fallen ginkgo leaves on the ground.

    1. Love that pattern! Might need to see about getting some, making some pillows! Definitely would like another visit to Tuuli to kick some patterns on sale.

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