Check it Movies: Gerard, The Blind Side, and Men Who Hate Women

I’ve been catching a lot of movies lately and it hasn’t all been worth penning a thought about.  Which is why I wanted to take some time to catch you up on a few new films out there that are worth checking out.


I'm coming for you, Jamie, and your sexy dance moves.

Playing with the law 

 First up, one of my favs Gerard Butler in a recent DVD release, Law Abiding Citizen, which he also produced.  He plays a husband and father who, after his family is brutally murdered, plots to go after the killers and the legal authorities that let them get off easy.  It’s not quite philosophical, not really raising your awareness but anyone who’s seen an episode of Law & Order where the baddie gets off will get some cathartic pleasure out of some of the payback.  Both Gerard and the always wonderful Jamie Foxx pull of depth of character in a story that could’ve gone off the trite end easily.

Beyond the obvious, I really find Gerard an actor with a lot of range.  Don’t believe me?  Check it out other Gerry favs, Dear Frankie and The Ugly Truth (just excuse the piss poor ending).
No one should doubt the chops of the Foxx, although quite wasted in the recent Valentine’s Day.  I rather like him more as the leading man, even when he’s lost his senses (har har) like in Ray.
When Sports are Blind
You'll be flagged for Holding...kleenex!

It’s a very strange thing that I waited so long to catch Sandra Bullock in one of my favorite film genres: the sports film. But with it newly out for rental, I figured the time had come to see whether this talented actor/producer had truly drummed up acting chops of Oscar proportions. The Blind Side doesn’t let you down in being a feel-good movie and Sandra definitely dialed in a Steel Magnolia of a role. Her character is a somewhat unlikable busybody of a woman, always right, always righteous, always in control. But you do see that facade slip due to the gentle giant played by Quinton Aaron as he plays the abandoned Big Mike. If you don’t know the story, you’ve been living under a rock. It’s a shame that her personal troubles are now overshadowing the great work down by this film. So support her by seeing it. It was obviously a labor of love.

Subtitles not required for thriller

Get ready to read subtitles!

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is not an accurate translation of Stieg Larsson’s first novel title in the trilogy, Man som hatar kvinnor.  But after seeing the movie, I understand why they did it and why it actually helped the film hide some of the story.  I’m not going to pull any punches:  this movie is GRAPHIC.  But I’m also not going to tell you anything about the story except to say there’s a journalist, a missing girl, and a whole host of suspects.  The movie exceeds and getting you to care about the characters and will have you on the edge of your seat as the story progresses.  Clues are hidden, there are big reveals, and the acting, well, let’s just say this film, you don’t think of them as actors as much as the actual characters. 

 In a word, this film is brilliant and I can’t wait until the next chapter to be released in this country and somewhat pissed that the Swedes have kept this to themselves for so long.  I want MORE, dammit!  Big thanks to my friend Jenni for introducing me to the whole back story around Stieg Larsson, which only makes the whole mystery that much richer.

2 thoughts on “Check it Movies: Gerard, The Blind Side, and Men Who Hate Women

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  1. Whooo, Men who Hate Women! I find it intriguing that only the English-speaking world has deemed the original title either too controversial or… I don’t know what. All other languages have translated the title pretty much verbatim. I absolutely hated the English translation because it makes a person who despises to be in the lime light the main point. With that said, I think it does work for the movie, because the movie does not delve into the whole “men who hate women” issue as deeply as in the book. Also, the movie does make the girl who has the dragon tattoo a Very Big Deal. In the first book she is more like the mastermind in the background until she gets pulled into it all (and thus, the next book is more about her than the journalist). I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed the movie, and I can’t wait for the second one to be shown here.

    1. Me too! It was so well done and after seeing so many recent dogs of American film trying to be noir, it was even more impressive. I finally watched my copy of “Let the Right One In” and, not sure if you like vampire movies, it was really great! I made the initial mistake of trying to watch dubbed but quickly switched back to the Swedish. Soooooo much better!

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