Homebody: Hidden Camellias

camellias, originally uploaded by StacieBenton.

When I first moved into my house, I was a flurry to undo the crap that the cheap skate landscapers that the builder had hired had done (like trying to plant a tree intended to be 40′ in diameter 10′ from my house).

As the years have worn on, I’ve watched the results of my many days slaving in rain gear and booties make the house look more like a home. There’s always something new in the garden in spring.

With the early sun and warmth, everything’s popping up early. I’ve heard camellias like cold winters. So not sure why the two plants I have decided to bloom only on the house-facing side of the plant, right near the brick of the garage.

Maybe they’re just a little shy…and letting the hyacinths steal the show elsewhere in the front yard.

Welcome back, Spring. We missed you!

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