NFL: Time for Big Boy Pants! It’s the Playoffs!

I admit it; last night a heard a peep about Carroll being offered a stadium full of money to quit his perennial powerhouse Trojans to come to Seattle and try to rebuild the Seahawks.  So this morning when I pre-coffee decided to turn on SportsCenter, I was struck dumbfounded by news that a deal was pretty much done.  I guess it just shows that Saban can enjoy his BCS Championship all he wants…big boys want the ring.

Thoughts on the Carroll move:

  • And you thought the Detroit Lions organization was rough?  A lame duck Holmgren in the way for a season and then a bevy of aged players to try to turn around into a solid team in one season?  Yeah, Mora never had a shot.
  • Just a musing: do you think the rising tide of NCAA violation questions at USC prompted some of this?  Even a little bit?
  • Pac 10 might be cheering and sighing in the same breath:  Carroll’s Trojans dominated the Pac 10 year after year.  Sucked to play them but with collegiate “winnings” shared, everyone in the Pac 10 benefitted from his success.  Maybe it didn’t fully build the new Martin Stadium in Pullman…but it sure didn’t hurt.
  • College success has never equally NFL success.  Only a few have been able to manage it.

But on to the picks!

  • Jets over Cincy:  Teams don’t like to hear they are afterthoughts.  I think the Jets will come in with a big chip on their shoulder and luck on their side.  If Sanchez keeps his cool and doesn’t try to do too much, they have a shot of proving why every team needs to play every game.
  • Dallas over Philly:  The monkey on the Cowboys back has been more like a Wookie in recent years.  I think they seem finally well-motivated to give that monkey a new home…in Philly.
  • Baltimore over New England:  As much as I’d love a rematch in the playoffs, I think New England doesn’t have enough magic left in the bottle for fighting out of their injuries, age, and ego.  In the end, it’s a small matter.  The Chargers are ready.
  • Green Bay over Arizona:  Love Kurt Warner, but pulling for Aaron Rodgers more.  Let’s wash that Favre right out of their hair.  The dedicated fans/owners of Green Bay deserve it. 

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