2009 in Review: There and Back, Part Two

Before anyone thinks that all I did in 2009 was travel and vacation, there definitely were some low points in the year. Thankfully, nothing too horrible for me (and in some cases, silver linings all around) but things that were duds. A few moments to review the set-backs…

Yeah but It’s the Dry Heat

The Snows of 2008 melted into the Floods of early 2009. As it turns out, it wasn’t the water or cold that really kicked Seattle in the teeth this past year. Record setting highs in July and a very inconveniently timed head cold had me languishing on the couch in an 80+ degree house (100+ degrees outside). It was the start of some serious rom com therapy and the beginning of an on again off again tribute to mankind, literally: The Birth of Hot Guy Friday. Well, when in the Kitchen…

Pink Slips

There’s only one thing worse than worrying over whether you are going to get a pink slip from the Man…watching it happen to good friends. And while the economy changed a lot of circumstances for countless people, for the most part, my fellow workers at the ‘Soft, wound up right back at it quite quickly. It may say a lot of how vendors are the safer bet than full time employ right now but honestly, a job is a job and thankfully, friends seem to be doing quite well in that regard. Here’s hoping for those others still looking, the best resolution of employers in 2010 is to put people to work.

We Can Rebuild, We Have the Technology

Too many examples of health setbacks in 2010 to fully recount. However, for my family’s part, we have rebuilt, we had the technology. In the case of my four year old German Shepherd, it was timing and the same fate as another. A friend’s dog had torn her ACL just three weeks prior and I got to benefit from their research and vetting, literally. A short week later, Chewie was sporting a titanium rebuilt knee and walking the day after surgery, just going to show that both dogs and the owners that fret over them can be resilient.


  • Jet lag – When a friend suggests a quick beer after a 15 hr flight, you say, Yes Please.
  • Namibian Traffic Cops – How much exactly is the Traffic Fee to make this blatant bribery scam go away?
  • Swine Flu – Thanks to the doctors/healthcare professionals of all the kids that went through this and the parents that fretted.

Next Post: Are You a Loc-Animal?

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