2009 in Review: There and Back, Part Three

Being a travel bug gave me a greater appreciation of the Pac NW over the past year and I was happy to get there and experience some of the local color and wonder. From the great snowy peaks of the great outdoors to the simple pleasure of friends at a backyard BBQ, Seattle definitely had plenty of fun to share with food, friends, and family. Here’s just a small sampling of the local sights that made it a wonderful year.

The Great Outdoors

Hiking It

Joining up with the Mountaineers gave me great opportunities to meet new people and see what there is just up the hill from us. Not that I ever thought I’d be traversing back down it in the dark at 10 PM but you know, that was part of the adventure! Whether with new friends or old, the majestic natural beauty of Washington made it well worth the price of a pair of good boots, a day pack, and a trail pass.

Out And About

Not all the glories of the Pac NW required 4 liters of water and rain gear to find. Some sights were just outside our backdoors, hiding in plain sight, for a light lighting and a quick camera to capture.

Foodie Paradise

What’s Cooking, Hot Stuff?

The ancient art of food and frolic was not lost on any of my friends this year. Some continued to dive into the foodie arts while others took it up for the first time. Meanwhile, for as short as the summer days of 2008 were, 2009 served up various sunny days and ample heat, in and out of the kitchen.

Indulge Me

As any good year should have, there were plenty of trips out and about to enjoy fashionable cocktails, happy hours, and all around good times, some of which just happened to be captured (and thankful some not). A veritable cornucopia of goodness unfolds…

Next Up: The Concerts, Sports, and Celebs that Entertained Us

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