NFL Week 14 Recap: It’s why they play the game

Every week, prognosticators of all rank and file try to match their wits against the knowns and the unknowns of sport.  They factor in records, injuries, team spirit, little black books, bromances, and et cetera errata to try and suss out who will be able to say, “Today was a great day!”  And literally every week, there’s some game on paper that seems a cinch but doesn’t quite turn out as people expected.

This week dished up bookends of those.  First, who knew the mighty Super Bowl champions had fallen so far so fast?  Simple answer: no one.  Second, who woulda thought a team even as streaky at times as the Cardinals would match the known record for turnovers in a single game.  It’s why they need to figure out the salary cap and free agency before the NFL becomes the mess that other sports have become:  Parity. 

The Takeaways

  • Seattle really is that bad.  No, really.  How bad?  Holmgrem is talking with Cleveland.  That’s how bad.
  • Every running back in the Cardinal core fumbled in the game.  Unbelievable.
  • Teams like the Giants and Steelers look like they will be cooling their heels in Feb.  But not anywhere near a pool in Miami.  Unless they buy a ticket.
  • Romo in December, 5 -8.   Jerry Jones should invest more in his team training and less in his stadium.

The Keepers

  • Rivers in December, 16 – 0.   The Wall Street Journal is writing about my Chargers.  Egad!
  • Manning, any time, any station, any coach. 
  • New Orleans with home field advantage…something to be feared.  Consider the tide rising in New Orleans, guys.  But in their favor.

The Things that make you go Hmmmmm….

  • A lot was made during the CBS broadcast of the Bengals versus the Vikings about what OchoCinco would do in the event he made a touchdown.  The broadcasters sat and waited, watching the camera pan as it followed OC as he talked to his coach, his QB, the waterboy…..zzzzzzzzzzz.
  • Oakland seemed to be making some progress….and then JaMarcus Russell gets put back in because of an injury to Gradkowski.  Umm, yeah, are we seeing the pattern yet guys?
  • Still in the hunt and regardless of this season’s ultimate finish, Bill Parcells has once again proven that he is the greatest football mind…EVER.  All aspects of the game.  Every seat in the office.  PERIOD.

And now a quick pick for Thursday night:  Jacksonville.  I suspect the old guard in Indy will stick to the Rest ‘Em philosophy and piss us all off.  I hated it when Dungy was there and I still hate it.  Way to loss MR. MO Mentum.

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