NFL Week 13: Thursday Night Blah

Leave it to Lucky Week 13 to throw (up) a Thursday Night game like the Jets versus Buffalo.  I’d love to just punt and pick a tie on this one but I’ll honor Belichick and go for it on 4th and 7 on my own 28 yard line and pick the Jets.  Now, I’m going to go upstairs and forfeit my winning by pulling my star player with 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter.

See, even I can act like a vaunted NFL mastermind!

BTW: Just curious if anyone thinks Parcells, Cowher, or even Dick Vermeil would pull that shizz.  Thoughts?

(Dear Bill, I was trying to help quiet the critics, honest but pulling Brady with so much time left after years of defend running up the score in 4th qtrs??? Sheesh, you got a bridge I can buy for that mularkey?)

And for the record, all those posers who are changing their tune on Norv Turner, I’d like to know how many Super Bowls you think we’re supposed to have had by now with arguably the deepest, most talented team in the NFL for so many years?  He doesn’t get a pass until LT gets a ring.  After all, that’s what they brought him in to replace Marty for.  DO NOT FORGET THAT!

Ok, rant over, play through…..heehee, sorry Tiger!

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