NFL Week 12 Recap: Who DAT?!

Do we really need to talk about much besides the spanking that poor ole Belichick and the Pats got handed in the Bayou by Brees and the Saints or the fact that the Pats quit?  Maybe the league’s new (and totally overdue) rules on dealing with concussed players?  (According to the Mayo Clinic, any concussion has caused damage to the brain.  DOH!)

Well, as long as no one crashes their Escalade into a fire hydrant and tree on their way to a booty call, I think we’d be fine focusing on some notes from the week so without any further need for police investigations or press conferences…

What We Liked

  • San Diego Super CHARGERS!
  • Brees and the Share-That-Lovin-Feelin’ Offense of the Saints
  • Jets win.  YAY!!!
  • TURKEY & Football!  YUM!!

What We Still Don’t Like

  • Yeah it’s looking like Minnesota wasn’t smoking salmon when they picked up Favre.  I know I know, maybe I was wrong here.  I’ll wait until January to eat crow.
  • Every time I think I can trust Air-zona to just win, they loss and every time I think maybe they’ve lost their sparkle, they win.  I Give Up!
  • Holmgren back in the GM’s seat in Seattle?  You’re kidding, right?  Like that worked the first time?  Poop sandwich.

What We Want Under Our Tree for Xmas

  • Oh, besides a long term contract FOREVER for Mr. Rivers???  Ummmm…..
  • A home for Martyball…tired of hearing folks jumping on the Turner bandwagon.  A few weeks of decent playcalling with LT and suddenly, he’s a genius.  Ppppplttttt!
  • Cowher Power back…hmmm, maybe Detroit Rock City?

The Record

9 – 7.  Meh.  I was recently asked how I looked so far in the year for picks.  60.2%.  The last few weeks have chewed me up and spit me out.  But it’s still better than flipping a coin.  🙂

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