NFL Week 12 continues: Upset Central

Maybe it’s being back from vacation or the stats on undefeated teams or the air of nothing-to-lose that is driving some of my picks today.  Thanksgiving was mostly a feast with the except of a Giants team that looked scared, listless, and unprepared for the Broncos searching for revenge.  One thing is for sure, the season is barrelling towards a conclusion and full speed ahead.

Pop quiz!  What do you do?  What do you do?

  • Atlanta over Tampa Bay – Turner expected back, it won’t be easy but they should prevail.
  • Miami over Buffalo – Has anyone really mentioned T.O. this year?  Yeah, that’s how ineffectively the Bills have become when even their rabble rouser has been neutralized.
  • Washington over Philly – Some may see this as an upset pick but honestly, Philly is so schizophrenic, I can’t see picking them to go further.
  • Seattle over STL – Rinse and repeat. 
  • Carolina over Jets – Sanchez is already into his sophomore slump.
  • Cincy over Cleveland
  • Houston over Indy – Upset Alert!  Not much to say on this one except I have a hard time seeing Indy go undefeated with all their injuries and lack of depth.  Manning is amazing but can only do so much.
  • San Diego…..SUPER CHARGERS!
  • San Fran over Jacksonville
  • Chicago over Minnesota – Upset Alert Numero Dos!  Again, I’m not feeling that any team this year will go undefeated.  Cutler is a punk but he’s a streaky punk which means some days, he gets hot.  Maybe the sun shines on a dog’s ass today.
  • Arizona over Tennessee
  • Baltimore over Pittsburgh – I probably would’ve picked this even with Big Ben in.  With him out, it’s a no brainer.

Monday Nite Showcase

Everyone’s talking Belichick.  I’ve never seen him do so many network interviews to talk about something he just doesn’t understand: why his call was crazy.  He just doesn’t understand it so please, folks, quite asking him to explain how much hubris about his offense that his built over the years.  He’s not going to tell you to your face and the faces of millions that he thinks he’s a brilliant mo-fo, how ’bout you?

The above is both a criticism of him and a defense.  I don’t like Belichick.  He’s done many unsavory and, IMHO, unsportsmanlike things to win.  He’s ego is bigger than the stadium he plays in.  But, we all know this about him.  And it’s a wonder that folks are harping at him now…after all the other things that have gone on.  Find something else, guys, to report on.  4th and inches is so last week.

Besides, I think Drew Brees will give Belichick plenty to ponder over on Monday night…and have nightmares over Tuesday morning.

New Orleans over Patriots, 37 – 21.


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