NFL Week 10: Recap

AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh
This cut-off sweatshirt is awfully lonely right now.

Awwww, someone please give Bill Belichick a hug.  Now everyone raise your hand that thought the end wouldn’t have been any different given 50 more yards that the Colts would have to have negotiated.  (Put you hand down, Bill, we already know your view.)  While a thrilling end to the Sunday football day, there were plenty of other things noteworthy this week.  Or maybe I should say notorious.

You Knew It Wasn’t Quite Right When

  • Michael Turner came out of the game taking some of the sizzle out of Hotlanta’s stride.
  • Big Ben got sacked…once…twice…three times…are you kidding?  By the Bengals?

You Wished You Could Stop It When

  • The Chiefs and the Raiders took the field.  Can we just get this season over for those teams?
  • What part of Brady Quinn starting again had anyone excited?

You Just Gave Up and Changed the Channel When

  • Belichick threw his headset off.  Yeah, literally threw the headset.  Although admittedly, I watched the postgame interview with Manning and Wayne.  Did Manning seem giddy to you?
  • Change the channel?  Hell, didn’t even bother with the Saints-Rams game.  Bla bla bla, Brees brings them back to win.  Ok, next!

The Record 

9 – 6. 

And now I’d like to bask in a moment of sheer celebratory glory as the Broncos drop 3 straight and the Chargers win 4 straight to now share the AFC West lead and prepare for THE GAME of the AFC West season.  I’m going to have to find a bar in Cancun that will show the game.  Anyone know of any??

Programming Note: All of this week’s picks will be early.  As I’ve said, a long overdue vacation is here and Cancun will be hopefully hosting the happiest Charger fan around.

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