NFL Week 10: Show me the MONEY!!

A lot is being made this week about the showdown between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.  And oh, yeah, their teams are playing too.  But while I’m sure we’ll see some magic flying around the field, looking at divisional standings….meh.  Big yawn here.  I fully expect both teams, and yes, both QBs, there at the end making a play for the big dance.  Far more interesting a story, as NFL Countdown pointed out this morning, both QBs are up for contract renegotiation this offseason.   Get ready to see it rain in New England and Indianapolis. 

But hang on a second…How much is an elder quarterback worth?  How many more years of magic would anyone suppose these two have left?  More money to the QB position means less money to the whole rest of the team which, in this league, is still how games get won.  Brett Favre can’t catch his own balls.  A-hum.  And oh by the way, here’s a new wrinkle:  Currently, the salary cap runs out next year with no new contract to re-instate it yet.  The NFL works, IMO, because of the caps.  It ensures parity.  Parity ensures that most every game can sell-out.  Even with it, you still wind up with this season’s Raiders, Rams, Lions, and Titans…and Chiefs…OK, I can’t say stat-wise, but this season seems to be one of the worst for parity.  You think a league without a cap will help?  I shudder to think.  I remember the strikes in the 80’s.  No fun.

At any rate, I imagine the two biggest fans of Brett Favre and Curt Warner this season are….Peyton and Tom.  Carry on, elders, carry on…

The Picks

  • Hotlanta over Carolina
  • Miami over Tampa Bay
  • Minnesota over Detroit – Woe to this game…woe….
  • Jets over Jackonsville – A year older, will Sanchez show some more wisdom…and ball control?
  • Cincy over Pittsburgh – I was a believer early in the season of the Bengals and then fall off the wagon.  I wasn’t a believer at all in the Steelers and yet have been lately.  It’s time to choose.  Biggest game of the week….I’m picking parity.  Go Bengals!
  • NO over STL
  • Buffalo over Tennesee
  • Denver over Washington – I don’t see Washington winning this game…but I can rub a lucky rabbit’s foot and hope.
  • KC over Oakland – Why does the bottom of the AFC West remind me of the bottom of the Pac 10?
  • Arizona over Seahawks – As I said last week at the game, the ‘Hawks should be routing for draft picks right now.  Too many holes in the team.  Believe me, they look worse in person.
  • Dallas over Green Bay
  • San Diego – Reports are that LT is talking retirement.  Sproles should be thinking Pro Bowl.
  • Indy over New England – While Brady has more of a team behind him, Peyton has engineered his team to this point.  So many things are different in Indy than years past and yet, look at the record.  New England – just more of the same, year after year, backup QB or not.  I’m not dissing Brady.  But Belichick, like him or no, he is a mastermind.

Monday Nite

Ravens get to lick their wounds from getting razed by the Bengals.  Ravens 21 Cleveland 3.

Programming note:  For pretty much the rest of the Season, there are Thursday Night games.  I’ll be posting those picks separate but including them in the week tally.

Happy Sunday!

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