NFL Week 10: Thursday Night Pick

Hmmm, picking a winner from two teams that have fallen off lately is more difficult than discussing Colts versus Pats.  There’s the desperation factor, the who-needs-it-more factor, who-wants-it-more factor.  There’s wondering whether pride playing on home field will inspire.  There’s the wondering if the tank was only half full at the beginning of the season and now, the team is on fumes.  There are the injury reports.  There are all the intangibles.

Still…it’s a pick.  And there are no guarantees in sports.

Chicago over San Fran, 31-10.

Cutler is streaky…I’m figuring tonight it’s game on.

Watch for Sunday’s picks….on Sunday!

One thought on “NFL Week 10: Thursday Night Pick

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  1. YIKES! Cutler was off, off, off. San Fran holds onto the ball and holds their heads up.

    Good thing I caught up on Masterpiece and Project Runway.!

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