NFL Week 9: Remembrance

Well Well Well, what have we learned from this latest week of football splendor?  That there’s a reason they play the game.  Here’s the top of my thoughts on Week 9:

What We Thought We Knew

  • That Cincy was just a poser….Har Har Har, Ocho Cinco has a child for you.
  • Which Bay in the NFL was the worst….Orange Creamsicle is the New Black.

What We Shoulda Known

  • Brady + Passing = Good Things (Referees or no)
  • Rivers + Seconds on the Clock = A Chance to Win

What We Should Never Forget

  • Age is just a number.  Ask Cardinal Number 13.
  • Change and evolution are good things.  Ask Saints fans.
  • Sometimes, second chances don’t bear fruit.  Ask LT and Michael Vick.


  • The most yards passing is not Favre, Manning, Brady, or Brees.  It’s some guy named Schaub.
  • 3 percentage points separate Favre and Rodgers on QB rating.  And 3 losses.
  • The Giants top rated defense couldn’t hold back 1 minute and 57 seconds of Charger offensive brilliance.   (Yes, Eli, you slight the city, you slight the team and they all, to a man, came to play.)
  • The highest rushing team is still the Jets…even after their bye week.

The Record

I got killed on the early games but thanks to heroics by Chargers, Dallas, and smack on solid play by Pittsburgh (21-10 is a lot like 24-10), I came through to 8-5.

I’d like to share a very emotional moment for me during this past weekend’s Seahawks game.  Like most places, Qwest Field was observing Veteran’s Day this past weekend complete with an armed forces glee troup singing our national anthem (the only way, IMHO, it should be sung).  The most emotional moment was when a in-dress, WWII veteran hoisted the 12th Man flag at the beginning of the game.  Tears on his face, he was helped up out of his wheelchair to raise the flag.  It was a beautiful moment of remembrance and celebration as I too remembered my Grandfather Zdrowski, a WWII Air Force vet we lost long ago, and my father, a Vietnam War Air Force vet, still thankfully with us.

To all the veterans we’ve lost, to all the veterans still with us, to all our active personnel deployed around the world:  We honor you and remember that freedom is never free.


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