NFL Week 9: Conference Playoffs Preview

If you look at the schedule for this Sunday/Monday, you see a plethura of conference games with a lot of meaning.  It’s the have’s versus the almost have’s, teams in charge of their destiny against teams on the bubble, conference leaders against conference opponents.  And the results could be messy.  Parity is alive and well in the NFL and we may see proof this weekend.

Here are the picks:

  • Hotlanta over Washington
  • Arizona over Chicago – Which team will patch the holes together? 
  • Baltimore over Cincinnati – Bengals big big test…so quoteth the Ravens.
  • Indy over Houston – Just another last minute win.
  • KC over Jacksonville – Still some life in this dead horse.
  • Miami over NE – “I don’t think I’ve ever influenced a call.”  You would be right, Tom. 
  • Green Bay over Tampa Bay – Think the Bucs will be have a better chance battening the hatches against Ida.
  • NO over Carolina – Um, yeah.  Super Bowl pick here.  Who dat?
  • Seahawks over Detroit – I’ll be there in person, cheering on the home team…in the blowing bluster of Qwest Field, working on my free Jones Soda with the rest of Seattle’s 12th Man.
  • San Diego.  Eli – A city remembers a slight.
  • San Fran over Tennesee – Home Field should help them regroup.
  • Dallas over Philly – Streaks come and go…Romo maybe hitting his stride.

Monday Nite:  Pittsburgh 24 Denver 10, I take Big Ben and the hope of knocking off the division leaders, even at home at Mile High.

2 thoughts on “NFL Week 9: Conference Playoffs Preview

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  1. NFL Sunday Countdown corrects me: DIVISIONAL playoff previews today, not just conference. Heh heh I get used to looking at the whole conference. It’s a Wild Card thang.

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