NFL Week 8: Recap

I can’t exactly be sad about clocking a 7-6 record for last week considering that all my Do or Die teams won, including my Chargers who, with help from the Ravens, have pulled within 2 of the Broncos.  What else did we learn from last week?  Here are the lessons I see and some of the thoughts:

How am I driving?

  • Rebuilding teams can be awfully dangerous in conference play.  Ask the Jets and Miami.
  • Parity is alive and well when you see once solid teams look scared.  Hello, Giants and Arizona!
  • Sometimes the best week is a bye week.  Eh, Washington?
  • Poetic Justice seems out of reach for Green Bay.  Time to get back to job of rebuilding that Green Bay feeling.

Just Ponderous

  • Who would have guessed that Tampa Bay would be the only team still on the snide?  Jon Gruden perhaps? 
  • Is it just me or has Ocho Cinco finally shut his mouth and focused on something more important…like winning?
  • And in the same vein, is any one surprised that T.O. has been a huge non-factor in Buffalo?


  • Saints/Colts Super Bowl?  Seems too easy.  How about…
  • Saints/Bengals?
  • Saints/Chargers?
  • Saints/Steelers?

I have $20 on the Saints any way you look at it.  :p  I’ll be scouting the Seahawks/Detroit game for…um, False Start penalties and free Jones soda.  Should be a good home game.

2 thoughts on “NFL Week 8: Recap

Add yours

    1. You take your ticket to any QFC and they should hook you up!

      However, I jsut checked the Play by Play, 2 False Starts for Detroit (2 for Seattle), 1 12 men on the field, and 1 Delay of Game. Not sure they will hook you up.

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