NFL Week 8: Do or Die at the Halfsies

It’s Week 8 in the NFL and for some teams, the party is already over.  Those teams already know who they are and are probably already looking at the college ranks of teams like Florida, USC, and Texas for potential 2010 draft picks.  For other teams, the door is closing so fast, someone is going to break a foot trying to hold the door opening long enough to give them a shot. 

Here are teams (and players) that, in my mind,  are at do or die:

  • Dallas over Seattle:  At 4 -2 in a division with the Giants and Philly, both who have shown some weakness in recent games, Tony Romo needs to dial in the same mojo he brought last week for the remainder of the season.  Seattle should be a push over but Philly and Green Bay next up for them means that there is no margin for error. 
  • Baltimore over Denver:  We’ve seen a once powerhouse defense at Baltimore disintegrate with coaching changes.  But a tough stance and some luck against Denver after the Bye week could give the Ravens the swing they need with some “softer” games towards the end of the season with Cleveland, Oakland, and Detroit after harder opponents like Pittsburh and Indy.  The road still looks rough with Cincinnati and Pittsburgh hanging tough but stranger things have happened.  At any rate, Flacco needs to stay solid and the defense to a man need to find that fire that sparked them in the past.
  • San Diego:  I said a few weeks past that a loss to Denver may have sealed the season for the Chargers.  Sitting below the halfway mark in the rankings for the AFC, the only way I see these Chargers making the playoffs is by winning the AFC West outright.  Three games back with Denver still unbeaten, the Chargers would need a lot of help and would need to most likely win out (including a win over Denver in Mile High) in order to take the crown.  But before I pack in the idea of Chargers playing past Jan 3rd, I have to remind myself that this is indeed one of the deepest teams in the NFL.  And I remember watching in amazed adulation the Broncos collapse and the Chargers snatch the crown last year.  Twice in two years?  Hmmm…

The Other Picks

  • Jets over Miami
  • San Fran over Indy – I’m smoking crack I know.  but I kept look at this week and thinking, hmmm, maybe…
  • Chicago over Cleveland
  • Giants over Philly – Philly did NOT look good on Monday Night no matter how much Gruden and Co. loved the big plays.
  • Buffalo over Houston
  • Tennessee over Jacksonville
  • Green Bay over Minnesota – I keep waiting for the Favre-fest to stumble. 
  • Arizona over Carolina

Toughest Pick of the Week

  • St Louis over Detroit – I hemmed and hawed over this one about which team at the bottom of the barrell would show up enough to outslug the other.  I’m picking the Rams based on how many points they have managed to put up on the board this season.

Monday Night

Not really thrilled after all with Jon Gruden’s call of MNF.  I guess we’ll still have to wait for the next big sports booth announcer.  Meanwhile, the powerhouse Saints versus Hotlanta should light up the board.  I predicting a shootout:  Saints 42 over Atlanta 27.  Who Dat?!

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