HGF: Random Hawtness

So work has been crazy, life has been crazy, and the weather makes me want to hibernate…for weeks.  But a couple of inspirations have me thinking about comic book heroes, sunny beaches, and classic horror flicks.  Welcome to the totally random edition of  Hot Guy Friday!

What do you mean you haven’t seen X-Men!?

Calgon, take me away!

So I met up last night with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while and somehow, we started talking about two personal favs (second is coming up).  She’d seen a little movie called Australia and was moved to look up a certain Aussie Hottie and stumbled upon the trailer for Wolverine.  Confused because she doesn’t follow “that comic book thing,” I felt honor bound to enlighten her about the various degrees of undress our quad threat Hugh Jackman finds himself in during the X-Men/Wolverine movies.  If you’ve been playing along and are abotu to cry foul having seen said Huge Jackman in an earlier edition of HGF, I must remind you first that it was my Mom’s very intelligent and wise choice to include Hugh.  I also must say it’s my blog and I’ll include him again if I want to.  😛

So what was the saddest news today?  That our Hugh will not be returning to look better than a body has a right to on the Oscar by hosting.   *Sigh*  Oh what will I do?  Maybe pop in The Prestige and try to not be distracted by the creepiness of many many….OOH!  I can’t spoil it!  Go watch it.  I won’t spoil the movie; it’s TOO GOOD!

But barring that, you should know, that Broadway is playing host to a HGF extravaganza and it has even the most couch-loving Seattle-ites wondering: just what would I do to get tickets to see A Steady Rain?  Hmmmmm….Are you paying attention?  Which leads us too….

Casino Royale
Steel, Blue Steel!

Nobody Does it Better…in SpeedosOk, so maybe fellow A Steady Rain thespian Daniel Craig isn’t wearing Speedos as he walks in the water off a sunny beach in Casino Royale.  It…does…not…matter.  Me likey.  I also like the fact that DC as my friend and I now call him looks better the more beat up in a movie he gets.  It must be some weird throwback survival-of-the-fittest thing.  And based on those tight white chinos, DC wins that award.  Coming and Going. 

Which isn’t to diminish his abilities to level that steely blue stare to the right effect whether it’s to get his fellow comrades to pull together for religion and Mother Russia or to interrogate a SMERSH operative who jsut tried to off M (That’s Dame Judy Dench to you, SIR!).  He’s all that and a serious can of acting whoop-ass.  Seeing both him and Hugh on the same stage…whew!  I’m sorry, what were we talking about again?  I just got myself distracted.

Roughed up or Tuxed up, DC’s your man!  And bearing in mind I’m a HUGE Bond fan, I can’t wait until Bond 23 pre-press starts to roll like thunderball, baby!  WOOT!

Hail to the B-King, Baby!

Hotel Inter-Continental

And now for something completely different.  It’s Halloween tomorrow and while many of you may be donning wigs and makeup and costumes and heading out for an evening of tricks ‘n’ treats (hopefully no smelly feet), some of you may opt to stay in and watch a classic horror flick.  I offer up the King of B-Moviedom for your consideration:  Mr. Bruce Campbell.  Bruce is so cool, he’s hawt.  From Evil Dead 1, 2, …. to Bubba Hotep to the myriad of cheap Slavic TV thrillers he’s concocted over the years, Bruce Campbell has made a career out of camp.  You have seen the Old Spice ads, right?

And while I love all that camp, I love it even more after so many failed TV show attempts, he’s landed the gem role of Sam Axe on Burn Notice.  Great show and even greater character to watch him play.  Get him a beer and some plastic explosives and watch Bruce play.

Totally F’in Awesome!

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