NFL Week 7 Recap: Just the facts!

So the only in depth analysis this week I can provide is the fact that Delta Airlines showed MNF last night while I was on the flight home from NYC.  Which is a dangerous thing if you think about it.  For example, if it was the Monday night game from the previous week…dude you do NOT seriously want to be STEALING my ARMREST!!!  Anyways, I turned it off after awhile thinking that Philly generally looks like crap with moments of brilliance and Washington just needs a veteran QB.  You know, Jeff Garcia was available….

The Record

10 – 3 which seems to be my record of choice right now.

The Call I’m most proud of

Bengals over Bears, yay baby!  How you like Jay Cutler now!!!

Call I wish I’d made

Pitts over Minn…I figured someone would do it soon.  Just not Pittsburgh.

Most Heinous Miscue

ESPN’s Fastest 3 Minutes in football…for missing a summary of the Chargers game.  Sorry, Boomer, at 35000 ft and not having watched a game all weekend, it was pretty heinous indeed!


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