NFL Week 6 Recap: Licking our wounds

So why is my Week 6 recap tardy?  Could it be because of a laptop crash and the work crazies?  Or could it be I’m still smarting from yet another opportunity to glare in Norv Turner’s direction and wonder why A.J. Smith fired a coach that helped the team to win 14 games?  With the firing of Mike Shanahan and post season trade of Orton to Denver and Cutler to Chicago, I remember telling a friend that Denver would be the better beneficiary of those circumstances.  Oh so I hate it when I’m right!

The week in painful review…

What we knew

  • One of the hapless teams would finally get off the snide.  KC had been so close, it was about time.
  • The Patriots don’t lose back to back games…ever…59 point exclamation mark.

What we suspected

  • The Saints are just that good, people.  Here’s my Super Bowl pick for NFC.  I’ve got $20 riding on it.
  • Favre still had play in the tank.  Will it get him through an entire season is still my question?

What we feared

  • The Chargers and Ravens have fallen apart.  Powerful, talented teams that can’t win are just that…and need shake-ups.
  • One great QB game (or a few) a team doesn’t make.  Yoda says ask Hasslebeck and Sanchez.

The record:  Meh, 8 – 6.  Above 500 but not feeling good about myself.  Think I need to hit the books and watch some film.  The list of those that should do the same:  Philly, Jets, Bengals, Ravens, Chargers….

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