Check it Fashion: Daddy’s Flashback Anorak

Nostalgic Fashion
Nostalgic Fashion
Standard Issue Performance
Standard Issue Performance

When I was a little girl, I used to play dress up with Mom’s pantyhose and Dad’s Air Force winter weather gear.  He had these big white winter boots and what I found out was called a Snorkel Parka, a standard issue coat for flight crews stationed in extremely cold areas.  Yeah, count Montana, where I grew up, as such a place.  I hadn’t thought about that coat or playing dress up for near twenty years until I wandered through Eddie Bauer today on a lark, looking for a down quilted vest.  I was a No on the vest but as I turned past a display, I saw it. 

Three-quarter length, more attractive khaki green, and that distinctive faux fur-lined neckline, it stirred fond childhood memories.  I had to try it on.  The impact, a decided “Wow” from sales clerks and fellow shoppers in the dressing room (yes, my friends, there is a pair of skinny jeans for you…).  A length that looks great on anyone and cozier than that fuzzy winter throw blanket, Eddie Bauer’s Insulated Cotton Duffle wound up as much a nostalgic purchase as a fashionable one. 

But when nostalgia looks this good, why not indulge it? 
Of course, I’m also a sucker for bomber hats.  20 below football games will teach you to enjoy hats to cover your entire head in fuzzy warmth.  And in a fun white, this faux fur bomber hat felt fun and will go well with my down quilted white boots (from Land’s End).   I’m so ready for the cold now.  Hope I didn’t just jinx Seattle!
In white, Ice is Nice!Toasty Toes, a Winter Must!
In white, Ice is Nice!

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