NFL Week 5 Recap: Mr. Momentum has changed his address

So even though the Monday nite game surprised the heck outta me, this week was, I must say, a pleasant return to winning form.  10 – 4 feels a whole lot better than last week’s debacle.  Mayhaps the Chargers should have a bye week more often.  Considering the 5-0 team that they get to play Monday night, I’m going to savor this winning weekend for the entire 7 days.  Here are the notables for Week 5:

Bad Karma

  • San Fran signs Crabtree, lose badly.  Hmmm….
  • Oakland should start shopping for #1 draft picks already.  Whatever signs of hope existed have faded under the weight of irresponsible coaches and unmotivated players. 
  • T.O. has been strangely silent in Buffalo…but the losing ways seem to be sinking in there regardless.

Tough Luck

  • Ravens are tougher than their record…and ran into a much more motivated Bengals team, winning for the sudden loss of a loved one.
  • Kansas City is also better than their record.  A poor play call and time management cost them the OT win against Dallas.  Fundamentals, guys.  Fundamentals.
  • Tom Brady, in very un-Brady-like style, coughs up the ball at a key moment in the game.  I can count on two thumbs the number of times you didn’t want that guy to have the ball late in the game.  I have to say it, though, he looked embarrassed in the post-game press conference when asked about it.

Shining Stars

  • Team Full of Surprises:  Miami – who’d have thought their offense would really develop AFTER their vaunted QB was injured?
  • Team MVP:  Matt Hasslebeck, franchise player has never been more true than to see the difference his presence and leadership brought the Hawks on Sunday.
  • Players to Hang Your Hat On:  Manning, McNabb, A. Peterson, Drew Brees (so what if he was sitting at home drinking a cold one?  he was prolly still clocking yardage.)
  • Players Coming Into Their Own:  Miles Austin, Kyle Orton
  • Player I Love to Root For: Kurt Warner, ye olde man of the NFL.  Who’s never retired and unretired.  He just keeps playing.  Graciously.

Next Week:  I become a complete bundle of nerves watching my Chargers play the undefeated Broncos on Monday night before my weekend in NYC.  Whew!!!

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