NFL Week 5 Picks: It’s all about the BYE week!

So I’ll say it:  The Chargers cannot, cannot, cannot LOSE today!!!  Of course, it’s their Bye week along with Bears, Packers, Saints; all teams looking solid.  Which is more than I can say for my ailing, heart attack kid Chargers.  but this week has indeed some ponderous match-ups and some games that I’ll be sorry to miss not having re-upped my NFL Sunday Ticket from DirecTV.  Here’s what’s on tap, with my picks:

  • Ravens over Bengals – Sorry, Cincy, but hard to pick against tough Ravens at home.
  • Bills over Cleveland
  • Carolina over Washington – In Crazy Pick #1, out of sheer league parity, I’m going with Carolina in a squeaker.
  • Steelers over Lions – Um, yeah. 
  • KC over Dallas – Crazy Pick #2.  Arrowhead stadium.  I look over my picks and for some reason, I’m going AFC West all…oh, Oakland…most of the way.
  • Giants over Oakland – Eli or no, the Giants are solid.
  • Eagles over Bucs – If McNabb can play solid and safe in his first week back, Eagles should prevail.
  • Vikings over St Louis – It’s hard to imagine with the Favre fever in Minnesota now that the lowly Rams (distractions noted below) will be much effort.  Blowout expected. 
  • Atlanta over San Fran – Frankly, hardest pick of the week.  Could go either way.  Love (and fear) what Singletary has brought to the 49ers.
  • Cardinals over Texans – Warner needs protection in this one, fo sho.
  • Denver over New England – Crazy Pick #3.  Fact 1: Denver is playing within themselves.  Fact 2: New England is playing like a safe team, not a championship team.  Fact 3:  Mile High.  Mile High, I think, wins.
  • Seattle over Jacksonville – Crazy Pick #4.  This one is emotional fo sho.  I’m not a huge fan of Hasslebeck’s skills but he is the team leader.  Scheduled to be back this game and playing at home, I’m hoping his presence and the ever presence of Seattle’s 12th Man in one of the loudest outdoor stadiums in the NFL.  Let the yellow flags fly and start handing out the Jones sodas*!
  • Colts over Titans – more of the same from the Colts.

Monday nite:  Jets over Wildcat Miami.  Sanchez bounces back, plays sharp, 27 – 7.

So about the Limbaugh rumors in St Louis, just a quick few words:  I’ll let St Louis decide.  Money talks and the NFL is no stranger to big mouthed owners (someone ready Jerry Jones for his close-up).  But I’m not sure that’s what Georgia Frontiere had in mind when she brought the Rams back to her home and installed nice guy Dick Vermeil to coach the team to a Super Bowl behind an arena football elder quarterback in Kurt Warner. 

*Anyone who’s gone to a Seahawks game at Qwest Field knows that Jones Soda is the official drink of the stadium and when/if the opposing team gets 3 or more false start penalities due to crowd noise, everyone with a ticket gets a free Jones soda.  To comply with FCC regulations, I must tell you that I got bumpkiss from both Jones soda and the Seahawks for mentioning this today in my blog.

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