HGF: Mom’s Edition

So I skipped last week’s edition of Hot Guy Friday because Mama B was in town and shopping and spa visits were the order of the day.  But it occurred to me, as it sometimes does, that Mom might have something to say on the subject.  Here’s what she related as her picks for HGF.

Our Number One Answer…Survey SEZ!

Face Every Mother Loves
Face Every Mother Loves

Hugh Jackman.  No hesitation.  No, hmmm, let me think about that, daughter, that’s a tough one.  Just Hugh Jackman.  With quite a lot of enthusiasm too, I might add.  And why not?  The triple…ur, quadriple threat (yes, I count Ability to Host Tonys or Oscars…it’s not that easy, you know!) is tall, dark, and handsome and has been known to gush about his wife during interviews.  Awwww….

Singing, Dancing, Acting, and Hosting aside, Mr Jackman gets points for taking a role that coulda turned even the most talented Hollywood hunk into silly putty and making a career out of it.  Yeah, bub, you know what I’m talking about.  Sure the last one was kinda silly…but did I mention it featured another HGF alum, RR?

Action Jackman can also be proud of his range from America’s favorite knife wielding mutant to Australia’s Jazzertastic Peter Allen.  And he’s had his share of duds (Hawking margarine in Kate & Leopold…not a proud moment.)  But you doubt his acting chops and conviction, go watch The Prestige…twice…or you might miss it.  The trick that is.

I think the only thing stopping Hugh Jackman is that he’s too pretty.  He needs to take the seedy route, muss up his hair, and his image more.  I’ve yet to see a few recent ones like Deception but there’s no doubt, he’s got irons in the fire.

Hey he got my mother to sit through the entire film Australia….without falling asleep.  Grounds indeed for the vaunted HGF’s Mother’s Seal of Approval.

And now for something unexpected

Mums Love Puppy Dog Eyes
Mums Love Puppy Dog Eyes
So driving in the car, waiting for the next name to drop, I’m thinking maybe a ghost from TV past:  Tom Selleck, Greg Evigan, the Hoff??  I mean, she threw down Jackman so fast, my head spun.  And I was thinking all the reasons why I’d pick the Jack-Man when BAM!  Mom sez:  John Cusack.  Huh??  Come again?  Isn’t this supposed to be Mom’s edition, not HGF’s I haven’t gotten to yet??

The Cusack is every thinking girl’s choice.  Say Anything…over and over again.  ‘Cause kickboxing’s the sport of the FUTURE!  But the kind of quiptastic magic the Cusack spreads is infectiously good to watch.  Makes me want to freak out, join the army, become a professional killer.  Ur…ok, no.  But what is it about Cusack that is so brainily…adorable???  Who knows.  He’s an actor that regardless of how not-so-good his last flick was, I’m willing to watch the next one.  And the next one.  And I admire the fact that you find those gem really watchable movies like Grosse Pointe Blank and Being John Malcovich on his resume. 

It reminds me that I haven’t been keeping up with the Cusacks lately (since sis Joan stars in a lot of the same flicks) and I should get caught up with some more recent fair.  Martian Child is on my DVR…probably hitting that this weekend.  Thanks, Mom, for the happy reminder.

The One We Lost and Miss

No one puts Swayze in a corner.
No one puts Swayze in a corner.

A few weeks ago (has it been that long) we lost the name foremost on Mom’s mind and the whole reason I mentioned HGF in the first place was because we were talking about him:  The Swayze.  And as I was thinking, ah yes, Dirty Dancing or Ghost probably were her favorite, she surprised me again.  Roadhouse, she sez.  Haha!  Well, you can pick anyone you want.  Personally, I loved Next of Kin with the added bonus of one tall Irish Liam Neeson.

As sad as his passing was, we have to celebrate the many fun films, touching films, and just plain kick-ass films that he left us with and the true spirit he seemed to typify.  Hard working until the very end, he was a gentler side of Hollywood, retiring to private life when family troubles mounted.

Married for 34 years to his wife Lisa, their relationship showed the kind of endurance rare for Hollywood couples.  He will be sorely missed.


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  1. I miss the Swayze, and heartily agree with The Jackman. I heard “In Your Eyes” on the radio and will always think of John Cusack with the ghetto blaster and wrinkled coat.

    1. No one was more surprised than I that Tom Selleck was not mentioned considering how much Magnum PI was on as a kid. But yeah, who were you crushing growing up? That’s a good question for her, especially considering I did a post a few weeks back about my 80’s crushes. :p

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