NFL Week 4 Recap: Rode Hard, Put Away Wet

Bad bad bad bad week.  7-7 bad.   Lots of ugly losses for teams.  Here’s the nasty of it… 


  • Chargers start off the game down 21 points.
  • Tampa loses a fumble with 48 seconds left to play deep in their own territory.
  • Jets phenom rookie QB Sanchez comes down from the stratosphere and decides to share the love….with the opposing team…three times.


  • Miami finds humor and their running game.  No seriously.   250 yards, 3 TDs of it.
  • LT loses all humor and his sense of forward movement, chalking up an embarassing 15 yards on 7 carries.
  • Referees during the Ravens-Patriots game.  “Take off the skirt” indeed.  Brady was wearing pink cleats but I don’t think he checked his jock strap at the door.

But it wasn’t all bad

  • Cincinnati is becoming tough down to the wire.  Great to see.
  • Even though I picked against them, I think SI‘s Peter King and I agree:  Who Dat Gonna Beat Dem Saints?
  • Singletary’s 49ers are impressive…and keep winning games they should.  Sometimes, that’s the hardest thing to do.
  • Philip Rivers may be investing in Thermacare and Icy Hot.  After Sproles was ineffective due to the point lottery the Steelers ran up, Rivers lit it up, taking tough hits but racking up another impressive 254 yds, 3 TDs.  If his receivers had held onto balls, you could have added another 50 easily to that total.  The truth is Philip can pull these games out…but he shouldn’t have to.  And I’m beginning to seriously worry about all the hard knocks he’s taking.  Thank goodness for a bye week + an extra day due to a Monday nighter, so he can get some rest and maybe start talking to Isotoner about an endorsement deal.
  • Rodgers did everything he could to outshine his former first chair Favre with 384 yards…except win.

And now for the shine up:

  • Cutler is looking good.  I admit it.  Hard for me to say about his punk ass.  But I’ll say it.
  • Saints v Colts…anyone else want to see this match up?

A look ahead to next week and there are a lot of head scratcher games….going to start studying early.

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