NFL Week 4: Fashion’s the Cause

Bicycle, ladies, bicycle!
Bicycle, ladies, bicycle!

After a week of local fashion extravaganza and a very nice trip to the spa with Mama B, it was back to the gridiron concerns.  Of course, that landed me looking at this lovely pic of my not-so-favorite quarterback Tom Brady sporting pink cleats.  Just a reminder that this month is Breast Cancer Awareness month and the NFL is doing its part to raise said awareness.  It makes me remember, frankly, the fashion post I did about the US Open…and with last week’s throwback jersey of the Jets, the lime puke green new jerseys of the hapless Seahawks, and this week’s pink cleats….someone please help the NFL!  They have the tools, they have the funds, they have the prime cut men to pull off a lot of look…dress them well!  Puh-LEASE!!!

As if that weren’t enough insult, I’m wonder whether Steelers safety Polamalu is regretting those Head and Shoulders ads.  “You asked with your eyes…”   Um, no Troy, we really didn’t.  True, it’s all part of the NFL’s ad campaign with household product juggernaut Procter & Gamble.  Although, it’s not really a bad idea.  This guys sweat it out every week; they should clean up nice, right?  I just question whether the target audience of those ads will be moved to buy after witnessing such on-field fashion faux pas.  Or whether they’ll be swayed at all period.  Daddy used to wear Old Spice…a long while ago.

I suggest the NFL hire such fashionable titans like Sterling Sharpe, Tiki Barber, and Tom, oh what’s his name, (or the people that put them together) to help craft on-field presence.  Nothing’s more wearable than a snazzy official jersey.  Especially one made to fit.  Ready girls??  This month’s issues of Lucky and Glamour both featured multi-page ads for Reebok’s new female fangear.    About frickin’ time, I say and I’m already lined up to purchase.  I’m just a little disappointed that its only available at Dick’s Sporting Goods (and not yet on a site that doesn’t look that easy to navigate).   Sigh.  It’s progress.

Enough, enough, back to the busy-ness at hand.  Today’s picks. 

  • Chicago over Detroit.  Duh.
  • Cincy over Cleveland.
  • Houston over Oakland.
  • Indy over Seahawks…please no lime green!
  • Tennesee over Jacksonville.
  • Giants over Chiefs.
  • Ravens over Patriots…pink cleats or no, I think defense matters.
  • Tampa over Washington…might be the most uninteresting game this week.
  • Buffalo over Miami.  Verdict in Florida…IMPLOSION!!!
  • Jets over Saints.  Risky pick…but I’m sticking with it.
  • Dallas over Denver.
  • San Fran over STL.  Again, Yawn!
  • San Diego.  LT…playing….waiting to see that.

Monday nite:  Minnesota (27) over Green Bay (24).  I think home field and some guy named Adrian will matter most in this slugfest.

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