NFL Week 3: Recap

Well, I’ll have to take a tie, having missed a pick this week.   That’s what I get for switching sites during the selection process.  Oh, well.  Still all turned out pretty good.  Here’s the highlights:

Something Old

  • Favre did something this week that he hadn’t done in a long while…look like Brett Favre.  Although I still question getting a quarterback that can lose you games as well as win them for you, he came through in the clutch like days of ole.  Ok, now someone give Greg Lewis the bulk of the credit for hauling that pass in. 
  • JaMarcus Russell is looking again like…an inexperienced quarterback.  I guess the honeymoon is over.
  • Brady looked like…Tom Brady, Superbowl champion.  Maybe he finally got that baby crib put together at home and decided on a name for his new fragrance.  Ok, back to football.

Something New 

  • The Bengals…beating the Steelers.  In the clutch.  Welcome, Mr. Parity, back to the NFL.
  • Detroit….winning.  Period.  Hello again, Mr Parity.
  • Philip Rivers running 5 yards for a touchdown.   Um, yeah.  Don’t do that any more, Philip, we need you to keep throwing 300+ yds a game.

Something Borrowed

  • Is anyone else sick of throwback jersey games?  I kept mistaking the Jets for some grungy Steelers when flipping channels.
  • Or lost…as in minds.  The new possession rules seem to dictate the referees are making crap Review Overrules of the field call.  Raiders TD week 1.  Bears fumble yesterday.  Um, irrefutable evidence to overrule, right?  Yup, not seeing that.

Something Bright Ass Green

  • In an effort to reduce manufacturing costs in the city of Seattle, the Seahawks decide to don the bright ass lime green color of the more popular Sounders soccer team.  I’m just kidding.  I have no idea where that decision came from, only that it’s stupid but allows the sometime fans an easier wardrobe choice.  We saw one girl in lime green tights and had to shield our eyes.

The Record

10-5-1.  Can’t honestly say who I would have picked in the Jags v Texans match considering I figured out I missed it in the 4th quarter.  Still, pretty good so far.

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