NFL Week 3 Picks: Business As Usual

Another week, another series of picks that seem givens.  Which is scary after last weekends’ surprises.  So I checked my pick, looking for the game that caused me the most pause.  Resurgent San Fran versus 2-0 Viks?  Hot Jets versus cold Titans?  How about interdivision scuffle Raiders versus Broncos?  Naw, I paused over Saints and Bills.  Brees and his crew are making a case for one of the hottest offenses ever.  The Bills lost a close game Week 1 to an imploding Patriots team but pulled off a solid win last week against Tampa Bay.  Maybe I’ll be proven crazy for choosing against the high powered offense but I’m making it my Longshot pick this week.  Check out the rest of the picks:

  • Ravens over Browns
  • Lions over Redskins
  • Philly over KC – another potentially interesting game with Vick getting his first start. 
  • Green Bay over STL
  • San Fran over Minnesota – easy pick.  I’m a believer in Singletary.
  • Jets over Titans – Hard pick, Titans are talented and surprising they are 0-2.  But think Jets will weather a tough game.
  • Hot-lanta over Patriots – Brady hasn’t found his magic yet….yet….
  • Giants over Tampa
  • Bears over Seahawks – ‘Hawks are the last tough luck team…but Cutler has to stay out of the team’s way for this to work.
  • Bills over Saints
  • Chargers – Although playing a hungry Miami team and an IR list longer than their starter list….*sigh* looking to be a long season.
  • Raiders over Denver
  • Bengals over Steelers – yup, you read that right.
  • Colts over Cardinals – another hard pick but Warner needs a line.

Monday Nite:  Last week I came close on the score and watch Manning bring it in.  Let’s try for another:  Carolina over Cowboys by a fieldgoal.  13- 10.

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