NFL Week 2: Recap

Arguably, Tom Brady had a rougher week than me in the NFL…but not by much.  The week willed out how I figured in some sense, unpredictable.  That’s why they play the games, folks!  But for parity’s sake, I’m liking it.

The Good

  • Peyton did what Peyton does, throw amazing passes when he needs to that only his receivers can catch.  Helped that his main guy was bigger than a breadbox…a whole lot bigger.
  • Cincinnati has something to cheer about…and it’s not only a guy who named himself (incorrectly) after his jersey numbers.
  • Offenses are cranked and ready to play.  Usually doesn’t happen for weeks.  Looking at Brees, Rivers, and Brady in the first 2 games of the season: almost 2000 yards passing.  Insane!  Especially since two of those guys lost this week.

The Better

  • D’em Saints with Drew Brees.  Ready to play for New Orleans.
  • Singletary…yup, I didn’t think it would take long at all in San Fran.    And I don’t think they need Crabtree.  If he does sign up, I pity him his first meeting with Coach Singletary.

The Best

  • J-E-T-S, Jets Jets Jets!!!

The Damn Shame

Philip Rivers and Darren Sproles looked determined to carry the Chargers on their backs.  Too bad for the most talented team in football, that doesn’t seem to be enough.  As a Charger fan and just a fan of the game, I’m not sure what to make of it all except I keep seeing spurious playcalling on key plays and injuries.  Conditioning and playcalling are in the coaches realm.  And while it’s sneaky to wear the white home uniforms when it’s going to be 90 degrees on the field, I think I’d appreciate a team that doesn’t think they need that edge.  I’m not a Norv Turner fan nor likely to ever be but this team needs to quit making excuses (paraphrasing: We’re not as talented as people thought we were.)  Maybe they need to stop talking about these things and let the play do the talking.  I think LT probably needed to think about that too. 

Talented teams are a ticking clock; how long can the GM keep them together with salaries going up and up and players aging.  With a schedule that currently has its softest side within their own division, there’s really no reason I can see that they can’t win this division, even with this rocky start.  But the mind-games are starting and unless they can find some consistency in their lines, they might just watch it slip away.

On the other side, there are a lot of very talented 0-2 teams with something to prove this year.  Unfortunately, San Diego gets to host one next week with Miami.  After tonight’s tough loss to the Colts, Miami’s still trying to put all the pieces together.  Kinda like San Diego.  We’ll see which team will put it together in time for a Win next week.

The Record

9-7.  Above .500 but nothing to shout about.  But ending the week on a Colts win certainly felt good.

2 thoughts on “NFL Week 2: Recap

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    1. I’ll be interested to see if Vick gets put in and how effective he might be. I don’t think anyone expected him to get tapped so early. I’ve mixed feelings because I think Vick still has a lot to learn about being a hero from McNabb…would love him to learn most of it by watching while on the bench.

      The Cowboys…I’m so sad they’ve lost that grandeur that the man in the hat once gave them. The days of Staubach and Tony Dorsett. Landry was stoic. Wade Phillips just looks lost.

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