Week 2 Picks: J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets!

Last week was a pretty solid start for me but a lot of the games seemed like givens, with just a few challenges.  So no telling now how teams will react and regroup.  I feel like, looking over the games, that a lot of games will be late 4th quarter ones with a penalty or last minute heroics deciding it.  Which is why my eye is fixed on the Jets and wondering, can they finally slay their dragon?  It’s Week 2 of the NFL, kids, hold on to your rally cap!  Here’s who I’m taking:

  • Hot-lanta over Carolina
  • Viks over lowly Lions
  • Green Bay to make mince meat of Cincy
  • Cardinals to return to form over JAX
  • Kansas City to squeak by da Raiders
  • Jets over Pats
  • Philly over Saints (toughest game to call)
  • Titans over Texans
  • WAS over STL
  • Giants over Dallas
  • Bills over Tampa
  • San Fran over Seattle
  • Steelers over Bears
  • Cleveland over Denver
  • San Diego (I’m just writing it down…I fully expect with an OL that looks more like swiss cheese, we’ll get pummeled.)

Monday Nite:  I’m taking the Colts over Miami but in a close one, 24 – 21.

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