Check it Spirits: Naga @Chantanee

Show me the Monkey!
Show me the Monkey!

Meticulous girly drinks were on order at Chantanee for Rouge! a Ladies Night.  So I slithered into something special and met up with some

Absinthe is an Art on its own!
Absinthe is an Art on its own!

friends to check it out.  Ok so they weren’t all girly drinks.  Mine had a lovely orchid in it…um, both of them…and well, the gin-based Couturier (by Jim Romdall) was also piney but lightly sweet, and oh so refreshing!  And the absinthe I tested but did not fully indulge in. 

As I now know, Naga at Chantanee is a great bar for cocktails made with moxie and a low key, laid back place you can actually hear your companions talk, even two stools down.  And as the Wasabi Prime sez, this is an artisanal bar, with bartenders more like composers than ready to recite Coughlin’s laws.  Also the bar has good lighting for foodie p0rn.

Along with great conversation with the bartenders and friends, the food was num-licious too.  But I’ll leave it the Prime’s capable hands to blog about that.  I just want to spread the word that while there’s nothing wrong with the norm of Vodka-based cocktails @ Happy Hour, it’s refreshing to find locales that offer up something both new and classic, with a dash of sandalwood and a ring of the lemon rind around the rim.  I’m definitely a fan!
Whiskey like Rum...YUM!
Whiskey like Rum...YUM!

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  1. Those drinks were tasty-tasty! And so unique. It’s the reason why I stick with plain vodka or wine at other places, because compared to Naga, it just doesn’t compare, so why even bother with getting set up for disappointment?

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