NFL Week 1: Recap

The Good

  • Philly looked strong as Brees looked amazing playing the lowly Lions.
  • Singletary brings back winning spirit in San Fran.
  • Jets show they know how to win without un-retired QBs.
  • Buffalo vs Pats showed some fight; Raider Nation had stuff to be proud of again.

The Bad

  • Miami has more question marks than points.
  • Denver continues to make winning ugly their theme.
  • The Pats showed a lot of holes in the armor.
  • A lowly St Louis team made the Seahawks look good by comparison.

The Ugly

  • The most talented team in the NFL looked the most hapless with horrible playcalling.  Nothing Super about those Chargers (except Sproles).
  • A single showboater on the Bills ruined a winning effort.
  • Detroit is still that bad.
  • Referees decide that two feet down with control in the endzone is NOT a touchdown.

The Record

10 -6.  But with that recalled touchdown, I’d feel better calling it 9-7.

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