Week 1 Picks: Eyes over Miami

Here are my picks for Week 1 of NFL Football, thank you oh Lord for the Season beginning.  I admit, I’m already down a game with the Titan’s loss Thursday night but at this point, Game 1, it really is anyone’s guess.   But here they are with some things I’m watching.

  • Titans over Steelers (Loss 13 – 10 in OT)
  • Bears over Green Bay – Highly touted game, suspect too highly touted if Cutler can bring the early Big Ben attitude and stay out of the rest of the team’s way.
  • Miami over Atlanta – See special note below.
  • Tampa Bay over Dallas – I think Dallas will continue to unravel this year.
  • New Orleans over Detroit
  • Colts over Jacksonville – Another year, another Peyton Manning school of QB in session?
  • Jets over Houston – Is Favre just belly aching or is there really something rotten in New York?
  • Vikings over Cleveland – I proscribe the early Big Ben attitude for Favre as well.
  • Ravens over KC – I think KC will be a hot tranny mess this year.
  • Philly over Carolina – With everyone talking Vick, I suspect McNabb will just get things done.  Michael, begin taking notes how true leaders behave.
  • Denver over Bengals – I’m hoping they get a boost from offloading crappy Cutler but start the season with two bum QBs is not a good start.  ESPN is reporting Orton will start.
  • Giants over Washington
  • Cardinals over SF – I love Singletary but I think it’s going to take a bit for his hill training to kick in.
  • Seahawks over STL – Expect a full report since I’ll be in the hizzy!  (Thanks, George!!)
  • Bills v Patriots – Sacrilege, I know.  But Brady’s listed “Probable” and I think Buffalo has a few weeks of TO spunk before they’re ready to ship him off.
  • Chargers – It’s a given, it won’t ever change but there is some rationale:  Rivers looked sharp in preseason as did LT who has made mincemeat of the Raiders defense in the past.  To say he loves playing Oakland is like saying he loves diamond stud earrings.  Let’s hope Merriman is healthy and can keep his thoughts on the game.

Miami is my team to watch this week as it’s YEAR TWO of the Parcells Era down there and guaranteed there have been hosts of changes.  But Jason Taylor is back in a Dolphins uniform and if the referees get uppity, Serena Williams (new part owner) can go down there and give them a piece of her mind (and her extensive vocabulary).


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